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A lasting impression

With a reputation for her stunning fine art installations all over the country, Florence Super is now bringing home interiors to life too.

Words by Rosie Cattrell

Having found her feet in the world of enchanting painted murals, Florence Super has made her mark in homes and restaurants all the over world. Florence’s fascination for local wildlife and the salty sea has been a creative source from a very young age, and remains as such today.

If you’ve visited Stein’s Fisheries and Seafood Bar in Padstow in recent years, you may have noticed a rather striking mural adorning the restaurant, bright with finely detailed fish and marine life. As her very first big commissioned installation, this is a landmark piece for Florence. In places like The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, Florence has impressed her talents straight onto the walls, filling the space with her creativity and finely tuned artistic talent in the form of botanical beauty.

“My preference is to work onto recycled planks of wood. Using recycled and reclaimed surfaces is important to me and I think many of my customers value that too. I also use recycled paints where possible and recycled or plastic-free packaging,” Florence explains. “Inspiration comes to me through colours, culture, contrasts, movement and all wildlife experienced while travelling and diving around the world.”

Florence’s work has been exhibited within private exhibitions, art fairs and is now decorating homes and restaurants all over the world. Welcoming challenges great and small, home installations are a growing passion for Florence, who harbours a particular talent for impressing fine art murals onto the very walls themselves.


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