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A moment of stillness

Caroline Kearsley’s photography captures the joy of movement and the focus of energy in athletes and dancers.

Caroline grew up near Guildford, moving to Padstow as a teenager. Her photography skills are mainly self-taught, taking inspiration from her parents. “My mum taught me to look for the small detail, the things that happen in an instant, that no one normally notices. My Dad, taught me precision; he takes ages to get a photograph just right.”

Caroline Kearsley

Caroline’s work history is eclectic; ranging from a scuba diving instructor in Belize and a radiography assistant, to a bed and breakfast owner and a police community support officer. “After living in the Mediterranean for a year with my family on a boat, I came back to Cornwall in 2016 ready for a change and thought about what I truly loved. After documenting my time abroad through my lens, it was something that I wanted to continue.”

Caroline is not your typical sports photographer. Rather than action shots, her subjects appear motionless, each frame depicting an athlete or dancer as an individual work of art. “I love capturing a brief look, a brief action. Celebrating the joy in movement, but turning an athlete’s energy, pain and concentration into that one image, that one moment of stillness.”

Caroline lives near Falmouth with her husband Jonathan and three daughters.

GB CrossFit athlete, Helena Collins

Chloe Walton from Scruffy Mutt Dance Company (SMDC)

Maddie Pickup from SMDC | Amelie Kearsley and Maddie Pickup from SMDC

Amber Kitchen, International Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion

Left: Helena Collins | Right: Gracie from Cornwall Dance School

Amber Kitchen

Jasmine Hitchman from SMDC

Alex Harrison, ballet and musical theatre dancer


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