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A tailored space

Words by Rebecca Hawkey

Designing a kitchen that is functional, sustainable and beautiful is now within reach.

It is no secret that since 2020, we have spent more hours in our homes than ever before. Given that it is now 2023, that’s an awfully long time spent in a space that we may not be truly happy with. The humble kitchen bore the brunt of this sudden change, transcending into a home office, the classroom, gym, or the zoom command centre, all whilst retaining its core functionality. Now that we are slowly regaining autonomy, and those external places of congregation are back up and running, it’s about time our kitchens were given a little makeover.

The kitchen is supposed to be a space to gather family and friends for joy, laughter, and sometimes tears. It’s a social hub to share coffee, drinks and delicious meals. Our kitchens are personal to each and every one of us, which is why the kitchens from Kitchen Kit are so special. This company, spearheaded by Director Nigel, specialises in German kitchen brands like Ballerina, whose designs are exceptionally beautiful, unique and long-lasting. Their ranges excel at utilising space and storage, all whilst retaining their modernity and style, tailored to how you want your kitchen space to be.

A Kitchen Kit designer will guide you through the process from start to finish. A visit to the showroom is a chance for customers to see brand new designs from Ballerina. This German brand’s latest range of living furniture is a concept in which the most functional room in the house breaks free from the traditional confines of a regular kitchen. Instead, kitchen, living and dining are amalgamated into a beautifully designed space for all to enjoy. Depending on the user’s needs, the kitchen can either be a discrete background feature or the main focal point of the room. Utilising space is of utmost importance, as is keeping style and design at the forefront, all whilst embracing this new way of living. The kitchen is no longer just a kitchen, but a space that can be cosy, contemporary, multi-functional and seamlessly elegant, crafting a space that is uniquely yours. Thanks to Kitchen Kit and their regular promotions, you can also fill this space with high-end kitchen products that will bring it to life, from suppliers like Siemens, Neff, Miele and Liebherr.

Once a layout and design has been agreed upon by all parties, the team at Kitchen Kit will ensure the manufacturing of your new kitchen is completed down to the smallest detail. Cupboards and storage will be meticulously placed, with worktop choices factoring in design as well as sustainability. The experienced team of fitters will ensure your kitchen is installed without error, considering every detail and executing the project to the highest possible standard.


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