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A tale of romance

Words by Rosie Cattrell

Specialising in crafting magic moments, Boutique Retreats invites us to step into a world edged with wanderlust, just made for two.

Moments spent together in a quiet world away from the noise of reality are hard to come by lately. Life around us rushes by; we delve into plans for our homes, our jobs, our futures, but how often do we take time to press pause on the flickering reel of our lives to sit back and take it all in with the person we’ve built it all around? When an opportunity comes along to take that much-loved hand into your own and lead them to a place where time stands still, if only for a little while, there’s nothing to do but hold onto it tight, and that’s where Boutique Retreats comes in. 

In a portfolio to enchant the heart and soul, there is no shortage of romantic escapes in this carefully curated collection of luxurious homes, each setting the scene for those unforgettable moments meant to last a lifetime. The team at Boutique Retreats know that these moments mean so much more than just ‘getting away’, and take pride in creating spaces in which to journey away from reality, to reconnect with a true life balance and together craft memories lined with romance and magic. 

Take Cabin on the Cliff, for example. Lovingly designed and hand-crafted on the cliffs of Whitsand Bay, bare to the elements and the mesmerising views of the sea, this dog-friendly couples’ retreat is the pinnacle of romantic seaside living. Each detail of this eco-cabin has been carefully considered, from the natural wood feel throughout around polished concrete floors to the most sumptuous sofa to sink into and share a moment in front of the crackling fire, watching the waves on the horizon. When the evening draws in, wander around the double-sided woodburner to soak in the deep copper tub as you watch the embers crackle before folding yourself into the warm embrace of a cosy bed just moments away to share quiet thoughts on the day now gone, and wonder what might await in the one to come. 

Another one for lovers of the calm coastal setting of Whitsand Bay, Esperance invites astonished delight at the 180-degree sea views surrounding this soulful sanctuary. With a sun-drenched deck just made for al-fresco dining in front of a glittering ocean backdrop, romance mists the air like the salt from the sea, and the bubbling hot tub calls to star-crossed lovers who wish to lie back and take in the sparkling night sky with a glass of something cold in hand. When the weather is wonderfully wild, where better to take in the beauty of the natural world than a plump sofa aimed right at the expanse of water beyond with a fire to warm your toes, or perhaps from under the safety of the bed covers as the rain taps a friendly pattern at the window, books and cups of tea nearby? 

Speaking of books, The Old Reading Room on the edge of the untamed wilds of Bodmin Moor was once a place for local children to come and discover the joy of reading. Today, it’s been transformed into a charming stone cottage just made for two, edged with the perfect privacy that comes with Cornish countryside and marked with a trickling stream nearby to set the racing mind at ease. As you may imagine, this comfortable country setting provides a haven for readers looking to curl up together within the safety of walls adorned with original features and inspired by times gone by, remote from all but each other’s company and the stories you share. Adventure seekers are also drawn to the comfort of The Old Reading Room after a day on the moors, to rest together in tranquillity before the next adventure calls. 

Journeying to the very heart of Bodmin Moor, few are lucky enough to stumble upon the warm invitation of Smugglers, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of today. Clad in larch and with the wildness of the moors all around, nature seekers are sure to find bliss in the arms of this secret retreat. Gently awaken to the warm glow of sunrise through the French doors of the bedroom, and after a day spent out in the stretch of country all around, with no one to intrude on conversations shared as you wander hand in hand, return to welcome twilight as it descends over the land from the healing warmth of a wood-fired hot tub, taking in what it truly means to be outside. 

For anyone looking to remove themselves even further, The Sea Room is about as remote as you could imagine, aptly named to reflect its privileged position on the very edge of the water, just six miles west of Fowey. Accessible only by boat or footpath, you can be sure of blissful isolation with the one you love most. Wander down to the shore, where a private shingle beach will reveal itself at low tide, tempting you to dip a toe and revel in the cool moonlight as it dances on the dark water across St Austell Bay at night. The warm glow of The Sea Room will draw you back to safety, like a lighthouse at sea, pulling you into the comfort of the open-plan sitting room, lined with well-stacked bookshelves and a fire to warm the soul. Crowned with exposed rafters and with views out across the bay, the king-size bed invites uninterrupted slumber, with nothing but the sound of the sea lapping the shore to lull you to sleep. 

Elegant, feminine and offering nothing but bliss, Pearl resides right where you might picture, in the heart of the stunning oyster that is Marazion. With none other than St Michael’s Mount taking centre stage amongst the spectacular coastal view, many a breath has been whisked away at the sweeping vista. Pale, natural tones permeate the space inside, evoking peaceful thoughts as you contemplate your bewitching surroundings. While there is space to take in the world on the covered terrace, perhaps the best spot from which to enjoy the location is the freestanding bathtub made for two, placed perfectly to enjoy the view through the aperture of a wide window, as the stresses of day-to-day life ebb away. 

Dotted throughout Cornwall, Devon and the rest of the UK, there are spaces just like this, and yet each is perfectly unique. When it all feels a little heavy, and the only thing to do is seek sanctuary in each other somewhere far away from the weight of reality, to forget the world just for a while, Boutique Retreats knows just the place.


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