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Beauty in timber

Driven by sustainability, honesty and a love for the craft, Post & Beam are behind some of the county’s most beautiful timber-framed buildings.

Involved in a wide variety of projects, from garden buildings and extensions, to new homes and even commercial buildings, Post & Beam are specialists in oak frame and structural design and detailing. Led by Tom Jubb and Tim Simpson, Post & Beam is behind a growing number of Cornwall’s most beautiful oak-framed buildings, putting the natural aesthetic of timber on display and bringing beauty to each project in a way that not only speaks of sustainability, but of the skill and craftsmanship that went into building it.

As you’ll see across the following pages, the finished results are always, undeniably, beautiful; the aesthetic that timber framing brings to a project is quite unlike anything else, and the way in which it can breathe natural life into a space is really quite spectacular. Add to this the sustainability and incredibly long lifespan of these gorgeous structural solutions, and it’s easy to see why more and more clients are choosing Post & Beam to help put a special mark on their property.


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