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Beneath our feet

Words by Rebecca Hawkey

Where durability and style meet, allowing you to create the floor to last a lifetime.

Our lives are filled with the steps we take and the roads we travel. Crawling along the carpet as a toddler, running along the kitchen tiles with friends, out into the garden in summer and back through the hallway bringing mud and grass in with us as we go. We rarely pay attention to what is under our feet, how long it’s been there, what it feels like, or what it’s made of. Until, of course, you have the opportunity to build or renovate a property of your own. If this happens, flooring becomes a minefield, and you never thought choosing what you stand on would be so confusing.

Even if you’ve never been privy to such industries, words like carpet, linoleum, wood, stone, resin and vinyl may be familiar. A relatively new addition to this vocabulary is Amtico. British company Amtico International was founded over 50 years ago. After a combined merger between Courtaulds and American Biltrite, they quickly became the leading provider of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) in the UK, Europe and the Americas. Whilst Amtico flooring comes under the banner of vinyl flooring, its appeal lies in the variety of finishes, durability and manufacturing processes. Amtico flooring is made of resin and plasticisers compressed under high temperatures and pressures to produce a thin, highly durable product, which gives a closer finish to that of stone or wood flooring, inevitably making this product a very cost-effective option.

As you can imagine, creating a product that needs to withstand the padding of paws and muddy football boots takes numerous materials that can have a negative impact on the environment. At Amtico, they are fighting their carbon footprint from the get-go and have initiatives in place for their impact on climate change and reducing waste. As it stands 100% of their energy purchased is through renewable sources, and 100% of their pre-production waste goes back into flooring and/or useful products. This is a great start to their sustainability journey and one that promises continued improvement.

Amtico flooring is known across the world, and here in Cornwall we are lucky to have an experienced local stockist, ready to help you design and create your perfect room with LVT as the centrepiece. South West Carpets is a family run business that specialises in carpet, flooring, beds and furniture. They have a wide range of options, Amtico being just one of many, that will help you style your home just how you like it. They also provide expert fitters that have over 25 years’ experience in the flooring trade, ensuring that perfect finish.

When speaking with Demi, at South West Carpets, about the benefits of Amtico over other flooring options, she explains: “LVT flooring is an investment, and we recognise this. There are lots of economical floor products, but, for us, it’s about adding beautiful practicality and value on the investment. A well-laid Amtico floor will last many more years than a carpet, for instance; it will be easier to clean than a natural product and will also be able to withstand a hectic home life. Our LVT will continue to look good over time with just a little care, and if you come to sell your home, it’s always worth a mention!”

Not only is it important to match the style and finish of flooring to the house itself, but also to the homeowner. Taking into consideration the building’s age and floor plan, as well as the overall style of the property, deciding between colours and patterns can take time in order to manifest the most holistic pairing for each room. She goes on to suggest that when deciding on a laying pattern, scale is possibly the most critical factor. “The size of the space and size of the pattern should be compatible. A narrow hallway will suit a smaller scale pattern, like our Décor or our Basket Weave laying pattern, while a larger space will adapt well to bigger designs, like Flagstone.”

From walking through the door after a long day into a warm and welcoming entryway, which could be laid with a Malthouse Oak effect LVT, to waking up on a Saturday morning and padding down the stairs to a modern kitchen fitted with Rose Marble underfoot, it may not seem like much, but it has an everlasting effect and one that takes time to choose. That is why the team at South West Carpets are with you from start to finish, to ensure every detail has been considered. With a great team of designers on board they can also offer advice as to what may be popular in the coming years, keeping your home timeless for generations to come.

In conversation with Demi, we discuss what trends are set to hit our shores this year: “One of the main trends for 2022 is authenticity. People are looking for elements of craftsmanship and heritage in the products they choose. Textures play a big role in this trend, helping to give flooring longevity. Our new wood embosses, in particular, give LVT a beautifully aged, reclaimed look, with varied grains and lots of movement. Rustic and painterly features work together to blur the lines between rural homes and urban spaces, adding warmth and cosiness to any room, regardless of its personality or style.” As a premier Amtico retailer, South West Carpets is delighted to announce the installation of the Amtico One show area, the only one of its kind in the south west. Here you can view some of the most popular styles and patterns in stunning room settings.

It would be difficult to discuss our homes without mentioning the relationship we have had with them over recent years, investing in home improvement projects or moving house entirely to embark on a new build. When we have had to spend so much time within its confines, each of us have come up with new ways to create a comforting, safe space that is uniquely ours. Amtico flooring can help you do just that.


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