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Capturing the Essence

Words by Dan Warden

Conceptual photography that explores, from above, the kaleidoscopic colours and textures of the natural world.

Camel Estuary

George Stephens, aka ‘Gstee’, is an abstract aerial photographer based in Newquay, predominantly shooting seascapes around Cornwall: “Creativity flows constantly here and the changing seasons and swells offer endless inspiration.”

George is self-taught, having had an interest in capturing moments on camera for as long as he can remember: “This, mixed with my interest in aviation, has allowed me to develop and evolve this abstract style of photography and allows my imagination to blend with reality, creating conceptual imagery. I hope to take the viewer on a journey, letting their imagination decipher the subject, inviting a true moment in the present.” In sharing his emotive images of our oceans, George aims to invoke respect for this vast, but fragile, environment.

Right: Salt flats, northern Spain

Volcanic terrain, Fuerteventura

Gylly beach, Falmouth

Hayle estuary

Left: Pedn Vounder / Right: Colours evocative of distant galaxies

“I feel that the bird’s eye view provides an alternative perspective on familiar surroundings, and a sense of escapism.” And that’s precisely how it feels, scanning through George’s work on his website; he captures the textures and colours – the very essence – of landscapes that you simply cannot appreciate from the ground level: “I have recently been on a few international trips where I had the chance to shoot new terrain, including the salt flats of northern Spain and the volcanic island of Fuerteventura. It is a privilege to be able to share these often unseen viewpoints of the beautiful natural world.”


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