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Clean beauty

All Inlight products are handcrafted in Cornwall. Shunning mass-production, their unique production process integrates modern science, nature’s alchemy and green chemistry. The meticulous artisanal production redefines the concept of real luxury, marked by an investment of time, care and attention to the finest details. Each product is certified as 100% organic and free from synthetics, meaning the formulas are kind to both skin and planet.

Skincare essential set 150ml, 150ml, 10ml - £59.

This set is the ideal introduction to the Inlight Beauty range and the perfect up-to six weeks trial. Includes: Face Cleanser 15ml, Floral Tonic with spray 50ml and Face Oil 10ml.

Line softener intensive 15ml - £62

Sumptuous topical anti-ageing balm to stimulate collagen production and soften facial lines.

Inlight super-food mask 25ml - £42

Multi award-winning uplifting and rejuvenating face mask bursting with super-foods, including spirulina to detoxify and barley grass and rose hip oil to repair.

Inlight face cleanser 45ml - £45

Dual action balm to deeply cleanse and nourish; gently removes impurities, daily grime and makeup whilst feeding the skin with natural anti-sebum and antioxidant botanicals.

Inlight face oil 30ml - £49

A light, hydrating and intensely nourishing blend of botanical oils for your daily moisturising.

Formulated to stimulate skin cell renewal in the most natural way.

Body oil with arnica 200ml - £49

A deeply warming, soothing body oil with a complex of plants and astringent herb extracts to relax, rejuvenate and promote suppleness and elasticity and leave your skin with a lustrous, silky sheen.

Foot balm 45ml - £37

This aromatic balm will help revive tired, aching feet and legs, melt away dry, rough skin and improve circulation. The combination of ingredients such as witch hazel and cypress make this balm ideal for both foot and leg massage.

Night balm 45ml - £60

Intensive replenishing balm to hydrate and deeply moisturise whilst you sleep, with delicate hints of lavender and bitter orange.

Lip serum 10ml - £29

A restorative lip serum treatment to plump and reverse the signs of ageing, designed as a regular conditioning treatment to replenish and nourish.

Skin aid kit 5 x 75ml - £37

These five petite ointments will provide relief from common yet bothersome conditions; from dry, red, itchy skin to easing sore muscles and joints.

Hair elixir 100ml - £43

This blend of nourishing oils actively fortifies and regenerates all hair types, delivering intense hydration, improving elasticity and eliminating frizz.

Under eye revive 12ml - £59

A decongesting, concentrated eye balm that targets the delicate under-eye area to minimise puffiness and brighten the look of dark circles.


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