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Colour and comfort

Words by Rosie Cattrell

Finding a piece of ourselves within our homes and interior spaces, with the help of Jo & Co.

In an ever-turning world of change and uncertainty, the feeling of familiarity and comfort in our homes has never been more vital, and Jo Eldridge, Founder and Creative Director of Jo & Co Wadebridge, understands our human need to find sanctuary within our interior spaces: “I’ve always had a passion for homes and interiors, and what I love most is its ability to transform your own personality into your surroundings. Your home is all about you, and your place of comfort, so it’s vitally important that your home interior reflects you.

“That’s why at Jo & Co we offer such a huge choice. Although essentially it’s underneath the look of ‘Jo & Co’, it can easily be used in so many homes; whether you have a simplistic home, a colourful home, classic or modern. The Jo & Co look can be adaptable and used in many different settings and so appeals to many of our customers.”

With a reputation as a calm and comfortable place to shop, Jo always wanted Jo & Co to be an approachable store, one that is fun and friendly and leaves you wanting just one little thing, whether it be a mug or a new vase. “It’s very easy to do that and walk away with just one little keepsake. We have the belief that our homes should feel soft, calm and easy to live in. Therefore, all our products come with a soft colour palette and an approachable feel about them. Our Sofa showroom at Hawksfield is a place where you can come in and relax, try every single sofa out with ease, and yet again, the soft colour palette makes it easy for our customers to envisage each and every one of our sofas in their homes.”

Known for so much more than just interiors and sofas, Jo & Co is essentially a mini department store that offers everything for the home whilst sitting under a beautiful theme of gentle colours and warmth. “Think soft pink pyjamas, faux fur rugs and hot water bottles, pretty wash bags, large coffee table books, and skincare – everything that makes you feel that your home is a place of comfort, where you’re surrounded by everything that you love.”

Images by Olivia Bossert


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