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Escapism in nature

Words by Hannah Tapping

Photographer Drew Shearwood unveils the organic beauty of the human body and its movement.

Graduating from the University of the Arts London, Drew Shearwood has travelled extensively on wide-ranging assignments working with teams from diverse gender, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. He moved to Los Angeles for a time to assist renowned photographer and film director, David Lachapelle with his two-volume publishing project, Good News. During his travels, Drew was also involved with commercial shoots for well-known celebrities in Hawaii and Shanghai.

Returning to London, he spent five years in the capital as a fashion photographer, after which time he found himself needing to find some peace and to reset. A move to Cornwall followed, where Drew has found creative freedom and happiness. He now combines shooting for local business and small fashion brands whilst creating his own work for exhibitions. With a background in professional gymnastics and rugby, Drew has evolved a creative style which homes in on the human form and function, often capturing moving bodies against dramatic landscapes. Coming from a large family of six siblings, part of his private body of work includes a series of images of his family and brother.

Drew’s images exude grace and elegance with a poetic thread that runs throughout his work. Tone and texture are drawn out using a unique marriage of composition and lighting that achieves an almost sculptural aesthetic.

Working between London and Cornwall, Drew Shearwood holds a three-year representation with the globally prestigious agency Bernstein & Andriulli.


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