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Eventide by Joseph Sabien

These opening lines might be akin to a sad Russian novel but please bear with me – it’s going to be ok. Over the last two-years, as a consequence of the pandemic, the subject of mental health and wellbeing has featured in mainstream media on an unprecedented scale. As a result, and collectively as a society, we have seen a tangible shift towards more authentic connection; whether to the natural environment, friends and family or ourselves. The push to dive deeper into ourselves has been, for some, a welcome opportunity to explore our life meaning whilst for others, it has been an uncomfortable journey, to say the least.

With so much focus on fear, loss and, let’s just say it, death, is it any wonder people are experiencing heightened anxiety? But, if we re-frame this for a moment, doesn’t this present an opportunity for post-traumatic growth? To better understand the intricacies of what it is to be human and how to grow – in spite of what is occurring around us?

Like any process – let’s call it a journey – it will often lay bare areas that require improvement or identify where we need support and encouragement to emotionally prosper and reach a place of emotional equilibrium. For some, this is certainly achievable without the aid of another person or seeking professional help. However, for others, the process will often require some gentle guidance in the development of insight and awareness. This is the remit of Sea Sanctuary’s ARC wellbeing hub.

Situated on the peaceful Penryn river, the 180ft ARC (which is a converted Dutch barge) hosts a raft of activities (like therapy, creative writing, yoga), all of which are designed to improve wellbeing, encourage meaningful connection, reduce feelings of isolation, and which can bring about positive change. Indeed, The ARC can be viewed as a community asset – supporting both groups and individuals, young and old. The ARC offers activities by the hour, the day, and even residential retreats – always with a focus on wellbeing and improved health outcomes. We believe The ARC is simply wonderful – why not come and see for yourself?

Joseph Sabien is the founder and CEO of, and therapist at, Sea Sanctuary, a unique mental health charity based in Penryn, Cornwall and one of the world’s leading exponents of blue health.


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