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Eventide by Marc Cottrell

You would be hard pressed to find a region within the UK that has a stronger brand presence than Cornwall. One could argue that if you slap St Piran’s flag on a product or service then it increases its salability significantly, particularly if it’s a homegrown Duchy-crafted or manufactured product.

Of course, Cornwall is world famous for its artistic and mining history; indeed, it’s said that if you dig a hole anywhere, you’ll likely find a Cornishman at the bottom!

However, over recent years the region’s SME’s and Cottage Industries have enjoyed significant growth following the roll out of the UK’s superfast broadband program, of which Cornwall was an early beneficiary, and we saw the draw of a Cornish lifestyle start to attract an even broader spectrum of both conventional and unconventional businesses. From architects and graphic designers to robotics and other tech-based industries.

Of course, the past 24 months has seen a seismic shift in how all businesses will operate going forward. The ability for employees across all industries to work from home has resulted in a tsunami of people looking to move to the region and not only make Cornwall their home but also migrate their businesses to our region. My work with Nest Seekers International involves showcasing Cornwall to a global audience. It means not only promoting the type of lifestyle Cornwall has to offer, but also how we can attract new businesses and partnerships for growth. As a result, I engage in a good deal of networking and meeting up with local businesses and I love to hear how people have successfully turned what was a passion into a thriving business.

What is particularly evident is the strong environmental and entrepreneurial spirit that runs throughout Cornwall. A spirit that breeds creativity, drive and ambition. It’s also wonderful to see businesses, old and new, support and encourage one another, celebrating each other’s successes and providing solutions and encouragement to overcome the inevitable obstacle that life in business throws up from time to time.

I’ve found the machine that drives all things ‘brand Cornwall’ is without doubt the Cornish residents themselves, and of course the togetherness or mantra ‘Onen Hag Oll’ (One and All).

Marc Cottrell is director and head of Nest Seekers International in Cornwall based in Truro. Nest Seekers International is a rapidly expanding global real estate firm with over 25 offices and 1,300 professionals frequently featured as experts on media outlets such as CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and on real estate reality shows.


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