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Eventide by Malcolm Bell

Why do so many people love Cornwall, not just those who were lucky enough to be born here, like myself, but also those who have come to share the Duchy with us?

I truly believe it is the sea and the environment, which not only shapes what you see but how you feel about the most important things in life and our culture, our views on life, and that feeds through to our communities.

Malcolm Bell

The sea and the environment is the driver that brings mindfulness and balance to those who live here and those five million who visit us in Cornwall each year.

You only have to spend time looking out to sea, watching the power of the waves, looking up at the sky and stars at night, to realise that our time on our planet is limited and not to get self-obsessed, as we are only one minuscule part of the world – if that!

So, when life seems hard, testing and difficult I have a suggestion that I hope will help you, as it has helped me and will do in the future. For those lucky enough to live here, go to your favourite cliff top or beach. For those of you outside Cornwall take a few minutes and close your eyes and go there in your mind’s eye. Now listen to the sound of the sea and the waves, the smell of the ocean and the feel of the sea spray mist on your face. Look to the horizon and reflect on the fact that the view in front of you, or in your mind’s eye, has been the same for hundreds if not thousands of years and during that time, people have endured so much but kept going.

Concentrate on great memories and experiences you have had and think of those you will have in the future. List what you have already achieved and got, not on any failures and not what you haven’t got. All too often marketing and advertising can make us feel envious of others or even worse that we have failed to achieve. We must banish negativity from any unintended consequence of today’s media and even more importantly the frequent corrosive impact of social media, where too many people portray their lives as perfect and can make you feel a failure.

Just go to the ocean in your mind, see the horizon, hear the waves, breathe deeply and think positively, life is and will be good and we can work through any transient issues.

This is the appeal and the true spirit of Cornwall.


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