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Newquay-based portrait and lifestyle photographer, Adj Brown’s work documents people and places, capturing the character and energy of his subjects, distilling moments in time.

"I bought my first serious camera when I was in my late teens in the early 90s for a road trip to America which is definitely where my passion for photography was first ignited – so much rich content. Influenced by the skate magazines I loved, their style of documentary photography really caught my imagination and moulded an early interest in capturing moments, the everyday and the extraordinary.”

“Music has been a big part of my entire life so the iconic portrait images of musicians shot by people like Jim Marshall made a huge impression on me and the skate and music crossover documented by Glen E Friedman and the like were also a style I loved.”

Adj’s early career started with the music industry as a sound engineer, leading to TV work but after moving to Cornwall his focus switched to being behind the lens, starting with video then turning his attention to photography for the past ten years.

“Being commissioned by a magazine to create a portrait to illustrate a feature is always a challenge but the sort of work I love. You are meeting people, many of which have never sat for a portrait before, getting to hear their story and asking them to look into your lens - it can be an intense process.”

During lockdown, not being able to travel and with a lack of commercial work coming in, this time gave Adj the opportunity to reflect and review his work, coming to the realisation that portraiture is what really lights him up.

“For me it’s always been about people – finding out what they are all about, making them relaxed, figuring out what will work for each subject and the situation we are in then capturing them, their passion and what brings meaning to their life.”

Adj’s work is regularly featured and commissioned by national publications. His photography has been featured in titles including Condé Nast Traveller, Women’s Health, Psychologies, Coast, Family Traveller and Men’s Fitness alongside the campaigns he has collaborated on for a range of companies from fashion to fishing.


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