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Fast and fearless

The world’s most capable performance SUV, the Range Rover Sport SVR takes luxury and performance to brand new heights.

Realised by a passionate team of designers and engineers at Land Rover’s centre of excellence, this model is built to thrill, whether you’re driving across the country visiting family, pulling in and out of mud-entrenched car parks as you explore Cornwall in all weathers, or simply making your daily commute.

A five-litre V8 supercharged petrol engine delivers 575 horsepower, its performance underlined by integrated air vents in the carbon fibre bonnet, and large intakes in the bumper that help maximise airflow to key components when driving it to its full potential. In short, the Sport SVR drives like no other Land Rover.

Reviews have described it as a muscle car in the body of an SUV. It combines incredible performance with an unforgettable soundtrack, and it’s remarkably capable both on and off the road. The performance is gutsy and robust, the ride comfortable, the handling impressively responsive. In short, it’s a vehicle you buy with your heart, one that promises, above all else, to put the thrill back into driving.


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