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Fire and water

Words by Rebecca Hawkey

A place where we celebrate life’s most elemental rituals, it pays to invest in your kitchen with help from a friendly team of experts.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is a saying that has been passed down from generation to generation, and an adage that you usually hear, funnily enough, in the kitchen. Whoever coined it was not wrong, for it’s where your day begins and where it ends. It’s where families, friends and pets come together to eat good food, break bread and drink wine... sometimes. It’s the one space in the home where dreams are shared alongside devastations, laughs, tears and joy, so why would you want it to be anything less than perfect?

Husband and wife team Tris and Gemma understand this requirement better than anyone, and it’s why they started Wadebridge Kitchens almost 20 years ago. Starting off with just the two of them, they began their business with Tris carrying out all installations, thanks to his 30 years of experience as a carpenter, and Gemma heading up the showroom, designing and handling all things business administration. And whilst the business has certainly expanded over the years, both Tris and Gemma prefer to remain hands on and in full control of all projects that pass through their doors. That’s why their team remains small, but equally as skilled. They put their energy into passing along their combined skills to those looking to begin their industry journey, which is why they regularly take on apprentices in their fitting team – so that they might learn from the very best.

Wadebridge Kitchens is, you guessed it, based in Wadebridge. This busy, bustling town in north Cornwall has so much to offer, with a great catchment area for businesses to thrive. Originally a market town, Wadebridge later became a foundry town with local workers focussed on metal casting. It is in the original Foundry that Wadebridge Kitchens now hosts its impressive showroom. Tris and Gemma are eager for interested parties to visit The Old Foundry, as they have a wide variety of displays to explore and plenty to inspire their home-improvement journey. By meandering through the showroom, clients will get a great sense of what their dream kitchen will look like, from MasterClass Kitchens that focus on traditional hand painted kitchens, to contemporary flat-slab designs and some ultra-modern handle-less styles to suit anyone and everyone. The team have been in this building since the very beginning. In fact over the years they have expanded into the building next door, allowing even more displays for the local community to enjoy. For Tris and Gemma, being a part of the Wadebridge community is very important to them, especially when they get to help families source their dream kitchens, bedrooms and studies. Every year the team attend the Royal Cornwall Show, with a full kitchen display in Wadebridge Street, along with other Wadebridge based businesses. Setting up here for the duration allows Tris, Gemma and their team to chat to potential, existing and previous clients in a relaxed, informal setting. It’s a chance for visitors to the show not only to get inspiration, but to have a consultation, explore their ideas and see if they are possible. And with this amazing team, it usually is! The latter is a key venture for Wadebridge Kitchens, as they look to expand their business after all this time and use their talented fittings team to help clients design and craft their dream bedroom and/or study. It is no surprise that homeowners have been putting more time and effort into their home spaces, especially in light of the events of the last few years, and Tris and Gemma are excited to offer their services. Their showroom now holds a selection of bedroom and study displays, as well as beautiful kitchens, giving clients an idea of what they could have in their own home, from Laura Ashley painted fitted bedrooms, to Urbano bedrooms and fitted office furniture, designed to dovetail into any space.

Since Gemma and Tris started the business 20 years ago, it would be safe to say that they have worked on a plethora of projects, all of which require a design eye, which Gemma has certainly honed over the years. “Every brief is different,” says Gemma. “Some clients like being fully involved, others want more input. I really enjoy designing within the given space, often rejigging the layouts completely to give better flow in the area and create more usable space. It is lovely to be part of the journey from the beginning, often working initially from plans when the project is in the early concept stage. Equally, sometimes the new kitchen or bedroom that we fit in a client’s existing house, is one that has been dreamed about and wanted for many years. It is important to explore all ideas, working together to create the best possible kitchen, bedroom or office space that works for each individual.”

The Wadebridge Kitchens team keep abreast of current trends and regularly update the displays and samples. This is a great way to show off new products, with new colours and finishes that perhaps haven’t been available before. They encourage those that are exploring the idea of a new kitchen, bedroom or study to keep up to date with trips to their showroom in order to get their hands on the newest designs available. Over the coming months, the showroom will be displaying a few new products, from stylish bi-fold doors to make the most of those summer days, to pull-out bins and larders with internal drawers for some great storage solutions, keeping your kitchen spotless and clutter free.

Wadebridge Kitchens believe that as well as looking good, your new room, be it a kitchen, bedroom or home office, needs to be practical and well designed. The team is always on hand to begin this journey with you, guiding you through the whole process from start to finish, including any advice on styles, colours, surface finishes, handle options and fit. They can visit your home to carry out an initial survey, take dimensions and offer their expert opinion at a first glance. If you wish to visit the showroom they also welcome new clients to bring their own specifications and measurements. Based on first discussions, and, of course, each client’s individual requirements, the team will produce a realistic full HD quality CAD image, showing you what your new kitchen, bedroom or home office will look like in situ. Once you’re happy with the layout, a free no-obligation quotation will be prepared, and your journey can begin.

Tris, Gemma and their fantastic team are ready to offer their impeccable services and expert advice to those interested, welcoming anybody to head to their Wadebridge showroom and begin their home-improvement journey.

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