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Go anywhere

Fully electric, and with a range of up to 360 miles on a single charge, the Tesla Model 3 is unlikely to slow down even the busiest of lifestyles.

© Tesla

The interior of the Model 3 is unlike any other car. Not only can you use your smartphone as a key and access all driver controls on the central 15-inch touch screen, the all-glass roof – extending from front to back – creates a roomy sense of space for driver and passengers alike. And despite its glass ceiling, the Model 3 surpassed all safety expectations, achieving a 5-star safety rating across the board, resisting four times its own mass in a roof-crush test – equivalent to two fully grown African elephants. It also utilises Ultrasonic Sensors to detect nearby cars, and with a 160m forward-facing radar providing a long-range view of distant options, plus 360° cameras providing maximum visibility, collision prevention is a key part of Tesla’s attention to safety in the build of this exceptional car.

Built for comfort and convenience, with impressive range between charges and meticulous attention to safety, Tesla’s Model 3 serves as proof that electric cars are no longer a fantasy of the future.

© Tesla


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