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Higher and faster

Words by Dan Warden

There is an art to selling property, and as is so often the case, presentation is absolutely key.

You’ve just put the finishing touches to your beautiful Cornish property, and now it’s time to go to market. One problem you will likely run into – and something that’s crucial in a successful sale – is effectively presenting your property.

Home staging is the perfect solution. Essentially, it means paying to have your home dressed in a way that invites potential buyers to envisage themselves in it, and current market research is pretty clear on the fact that it helps properties to not only sell faster, but to sell higher too. The only issue with many staging packages is that, while they do promise to bring your empty space to life, they also require you to actually buy the furniture – an investment you’re unlikely to see a return on.

With this in mind, Emily Hawken of Cornish home and interior furnishers, Rustic House, decided to turn the whole idea on its head. She asked herself the question: how can you help your buyers imagine a home, without the expense of furnishing the property yourself? The answer is this: for a flat and very reasonable fee, Rustic House will send out a consultant to develop a furniture package that shows your property to its best advantage, delivering everything and setting it up for you, before collecting it after the sale. But – and here’s the kicker – should your buyer decide to buy the furniture package, Rustic House will refund you the home staging fee in full.

Ultimately, it boils down to maximising the profit from the sale of your property, whilst at the same time firing your buyers’ imaginations – helping them to see not just a house, but a future home.

Visit Rustic House on Par Moor Road, on the outskirts of St Austell, or call on 01726 817567.


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