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Informed by experience

Words by Dan Warden

Beautiful interiors on the stunning north coast, curated with the goal of bringing the outdoors in.

A luxury second home in Cornwall, for many, needs to perform two functions. Firstly, it needs to provide a home away from home – a luxury abode – to which you can escape whenever the mood takes you. Ideally, especially in Cornwall, this would be in a location from which you can immerse yourself in the outdoor lifestyle that drew you here in the first place. The second, at least for many, is that it needs to offer the potential to help recoup the money you’ve invested; excellent earning potential is key. Knowledge of these fundamental criteria form the very bedrock of the luxury lodges at Gwel an Mor. Open 52 weeks a year, this provides owners with the chance to escape the stresses of life at almost any time, with the flexibility of using the lodge privately or letting it out to help cover running costs, letting management fees, housekeeping services and cleaning; prospective owners can view earnings and cost examples on the very informative website.

Having learned that Gwel an Mor took home a total of six awards at the 2021 Cornwall Tourism Awards, as I step across the threshold of the lodges in The Residence collection, I find myself enveloped in beautiful design, and it doesn’t take long to notice the special touches and nods to the landscape that make these homes so special. Every detail has been considered: the stylish open-plan living space; the designer features that include atmospheric mood lighting, boiling water taps, air-con, underfloor heating; floor-to-ceiling doors that open onto a private sun-deck. The pièce de resistance is the inclusion of your very own outdoor hot tub. In fact, the stylish three-bedroom holiday homes have been designed, constructed and furnished to the very highest specifications.

Stepping inside one of Gwel an Mor’s eco-lodges, you’re greeted by one of three design schemes: ‘Fauna’, ‘Coastal’, or ‘Surf’s Up’. Before conceptualising and bringing these themes to life, the team took time to immerse themselves in the local woodland and coastline, experiences of which would ultimately inform the interiors we see today. The unique location, breathtaking scenery, culture and charming atmosphere have long-made Cornwall a popular British holiday destination, and the resort creates the perfect opportunity for owners to enjoy all of this; and that starts with the interiors.


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