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Italian flair

The Maserati Levante, a thoroughbred both on and off-road.

Conceived from the three pillars of elegance, exclusivity and performance along with solid off-road capabilities, the Maserati Levante delivers unparalleled agility in the luxury SUV class. The Levante boasts its own, exclusive new state-of-the art production line set up in the historic Mirafiori plant, and with a 100-year tradition of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Maserati guarantees outstanding quality right down to the tiniest of details.

With a name that is inspired by a warm Mediterranean wind, one that can turn from a gentle breeze into a gale in an instant, the Levante certainly lives up to its moniker. The combination of spaciousness and coupé lines has created an SUV that is designed to keep apace with your lifestyle.

Equipped with the latest evolution of the Maserati 3-litre V6 engines, either an economical turbodiesel or twin-turbo petrol, the Levante maintains the unique Maserati signature sound and, of course, exceptional performance. Sports car devotees in need of a practical vehicle, for whatever adventure might be around the corner, certainly won’t be disappointed.

Cutting-edge customisation comes in the form of a Sport or Luxury package, resulting in a driving experience as unique as the Maserati brand and its customers.


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