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Kitchens of Distinction

Where functionality meets form; Kitchen Kit in Truro have your food preparation and cooking area covered.

Long established family business Kitchen Kit of Truro, have been keeping customers happy with the design, and fitting of quality German kitchens from their showroom in Threemilestone. Having formed close relationships early on with German manufacturers Ballerina and Nobilia they have cemented themselves as a leading German kitchen specialist. As a true independent retailer, they have worked hard to build up their name and reputation.

What sets Kitchen Kit apart from the larger retail chain outlets is that they offer custom kitchen design services tailored to your preferences; ones that incorporate a range of accessories, storage units as well as door styles. You can move away from settling for stock options, freeing you up to have exactly what you want. Their team will oversee every aspect of your kitchen project, from inception to completion. And what’s more they’ll support you through every step of the process, even after installation. The other major benefit of choosing Kitchen Kit is that they also supply and fit built-in appliances that will perfectly integrate with the units you have chosen. Kitchen Kit are Neff Master Partners, Siemens Studioline Partners, a Bosch Partner and a Miele Partner, all of whom are on display in their showroom where over 40 models can be viewed at any one time. And what’s more their team is uniquely positioned to offer straightforward advice on product reliability and longevity.

Why Ballerina and Nobilia?

It’s a question of quality really. Both companies are world leaders in their field and have set standards that others follow. For example, the longevity of a Ballerina kitchen begins with one component that is particularly important - a stable carcass. From this solid foundation they then incorporate a series of innovative components such as anti-bacterial and abrasion resistant surfaces, soft-touch opening and closing mechanisms all of which sit neatly behind the huge range of kitchen fronts that Ballerina offers.

At Nobilia, they have implemented a sophisticated control system to ensure the highest quality in every kitchen. Up to 21 fully fitted kitchens undergo a comprehensive quality audit daily. And since their foundation, quality, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency have been central to the company philosophy. In fact, every Nobilia kitchen complies with stringent international standards for quality, environment integrity and energy efficiency.

On trend

Of course, kitchens are not just purely practical spaces that allow you to prepare meals in. They are focal points for family interaction and as a consequence they should be aesthetically pleasing where everyone feels comfortable. Unit fronts are very important when it comes to determining the overall feel of a kitchen. This is another reason why Kitchen Kit chose to supply and fit kitchens from these two prestigious manufacturers.

Examples from Nobilia are its Senso range, which features a delicate coral shade that works wonderfully in old buildings. Tall units optimise space and offer ample storage options. The fresh look is enhanced by terrazzo elements such as the worktop and niche cladding, allowing you to incorporate sea-inspired colour schemes throughout your kitchen. Their Speed 288 is a black concrete reproduction, ideal for those aiming to create an urban vibe. It serves as a perfect backdrop for bright colour accents or industrial-inspired greys and browns. If this seems too harsh, consider Flash 453, a warm, slate grey kitchen system that pairs well with subtle wall colours to evoke smooth sophistication. A slightly lighter option is Cascada 772, featuring Yukon oak reproduction style worktops. Further, the Laser 414 complements the Nobilia range with its intelligently structured design, making organising easy even in smaller spaces. Available in volcanic grey, it provides a rich starting point for a warm and inviting kitchen space. Their carcase exterior colours range from satin grey to taupe and slate grey, all inspired by the natural world. 

Examples from Ballerina include the PUR 2681, modern and durable offering with a hint of the unusual. 

Its showcase cabinets, featuring vertical slatted doors, are real eye-catchers and contribute to a sense of sophistication. The Talea 7065 range boasts a distinctive appearance with its rosso walnut veneer finish complemented by gold accents. Meanwhile, the Resopal-Pro 30001, with its understated colour and ultra-matt, hard-wearing finish, evokes a feeling of well-being, even in small spaces. It is available in Jura grey, black, anthracite, titanium grey, cool white, and premium white. The Mineral 40406 is a handleless design featuring a new sustainable hand-trowelled surface made of ground quartz, graphite, feldspar, mica, and other minerals. Further still, the Noblesse-B 63099 offers a cottage style ideal for family gatherings.

A novel idea

There are numerous and interesting innovations that come with kitchens from Ballerina and Nobilia. Too many to include in this article. So, we’ve picked just one to offer up for consideration. In today’s fast-moving world why shouldn’t your kitchen be streamlined to match the rest of your lifestyle? Is it time to go handleless? 

Handleless kitchens feature flush and smooth vertical surfaces, eliminating the mystery of where that little bruise came from – a common occurrence in the fast-paced kitchen environment where handles are often bumped into without notice. Without handles, your kitchen transforms into a seamless, free-flowing space, enabling you to focus more on your tasks leading to a reduction in stress levels.

Handleless options are available from both Nobilia and Ballerina and with the latter available with Blum Tip-on for push to open drawers and doors, a true minimalistic finish, all designed to meet budgets and lifestyle requirements.

To complement

Of course, once you’ve chosen your kitchen it’s time to specify the accessories that will enhance your cooking experience. Kitchen Kit are suppliers of Neff, Siemens, Bosch, Miele, Elica, Liebherr, Quooker, Blanco and Franke and others so sourcing your completely new kitchen here is a one-stop-shop.


Worth considering are some innovations from these manufacturers that will definitely save you time and money in the long run. Venting Hob extractors eliminate cooking vapours and odours right at the source. By directly drawing them away from pots, roasters, pans, or grills on the cooker top, these extractors clear away bad smells and bacteria from rising and spreading throughout the kitchen. They utilise the principles of fluid mechanics, creating a cross flow that surpasses the speed at which cooking vapours rise.

Integrating your hob and extractor fan means you no longer need an overhead extractor, as odours are removed immediately upon creation, giving you more valuable space in your kitchen.

These extractors are perfect for modern kitchens with a minimalist design. Odours are neutralised by an activated charcoal filter, which can be easily changed from the top without removing drawers. All components are dishwasher-safe, ensuring easy maintenance. The fan operates at an extremely low noise level, avoiding interruptions while entertaining, and it self-adjusts based on cooking conditions, so you don’t need to manually change settings.

Alternatively, take a deep breath and enjoy fresh air utilising guided air technology. It provides powerful steam extraction across the entire cooktop, ensuring clear visibility of those gently softening onions or simmering soup, regardless of their location on the cooktop. Whether opting for a downdraught model or one seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, homeowners now have versatile options for keeping their extraction method discreetly hidden.

Bio-fresh technology fridges

Fridges have evolved far beyond being uniform white kitchen appliances. With dining and living areas increasingly integrated, design has taken on greater significance. The new minimalist design language of Liebherr appliances stands out with their exceptional lines, and clean surfaces. However, their appeal extends beyond aesthetics. Prioritising our health is essential, and a balanced diet rich in important nutrients is a key part of this. The general rule is the fresher, the better, and ideally, sourced regionally and seasonally. Enjoying fresh produce daily doesn’t mean shopping daily; this is where proper storage is essential. Liebherr’s innovative freshness technology is designed to provide the optimal storage climate for your carefully selected groceries, whether they are regional cheeses or freshly caught fish.

If you’re considering transforming your kitchen area and want to elevate its functionality along with its aesthetic appeal then a trip to Kitchen kit would be time well spent.


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