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Life through a lens

Celebrating the work of ocean photographer, Mike Lacey.

Sea Trials (Image:

The shots Mike achieves are like no other. Having surfed all over Cornwall for many years, Mike switched his focus from riding the waves to capturing their unique beauty. Mike’s willingness to be out in all kinds of weather and surf, in search of the next magical shot, has created a diverse and unique portfolio of ocean photography.

His passion for Cornwall and nature has driven him to explore the coast and keep pushing the boundaries of photography to the limits. Spending as much time as he does in the water, Mike is acutely aware of the problem of plastic pollution along our shores so, in a bid to raise awareness, he has just completed the 32-mile crossing from Porthcurno to the Isles of Scilly with a group of like-minded individuals, raising money for Surfers Against Sewage. An ocean odyssey made all the more special by completing it on a paddleboard he crafted by hand.

Leven Curl


Fire & Ice

Underwater World

Scilly Paddle (Images: Ed West)

Light Speed


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