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Made in mindfulness

Words by Rosie Cattrell

Inspired by Scandinavia’s design heritage, Cloudberry Living showcases function, form, quality and sustainability in timeless, simplistic designs.

The shape of the private world in which we surround ourselves houses the potential to bring us joy and tranquillity, if only we possess the imagination and determination to make it that way. The physical realities we construct for ourselves define our own personal realms, and if these spaces reflect us in the very walls, that’s when they start to really feel like home. However, it can be difficult to envisage our dream interiors when faced with stretches of blank walls and empty rooms, or tired furniture dimly lit by an ill-fitting lampshade that longs for retirement. While high-quality designs that embrace form and function in equal measure are not always easy to come by in the south west, I have come to know of a place where these things can be found in abundance, accompanied by a warm welcome and a profusion of knowledge waiting to be shared.

Named after a rare and beautifully unique fruit that takes root in the bitter chill of the northern hemisphere, especially prevalent in the wilds of Scandinavia and seemingly impossible to cultivate, Cloudberry Living finds its roots amongst the ambient buzz of independent shops and businesses that populate the cobbled artistic hub of Falmouth’s Old High Street. A glance in through the window reveals glimpses of the clean, simple lines of the Scandi designs that Cloudberry is known for, while the warmly lit space radiates a personal invitation to come in for a closer look.

With a background in homes, interiors and design, Alicia and Steve founded Cloudberry back in 2007 and have since come to reside in Falmouth, bringing with them a unique and wonderfully curated collection of Scandinavian and design brands. From garden furniture and lighting to stylish homewares and lifestyle products, each collection is handpicked by Alicia and Steve, who look for beauty in quality, design and sustainability. “It’s important to us to have products that are really well made, that have a purpose and a story behind them, a reason behind why they were created,” explains Alicia. “It’s easily forgotten how important your home is to you. You’re in it every day and what you surround yourself with affects your mental health and wellbeing. You make memories daily around your dining table over breakfast, dinner or a cup of coffee, or in your garden on a summer’s evening with friends and family. Making your home your sanctuary, a haven, creating your own unique style with beautifully crafted pieces that are designed to make everyday life feel a little bit better can have a huge effect on the way you live.”

As many of us try to move away from the made-fast, buy-cheap, throw-away culture to which modern society has grown so accustomed, Cloudberry is re-introducing us to the idea of investing in thoughtfully made products that have been designed to stand the test of time and retain their functional beauty for years to come, a philosophy that Alicia shares with me: “If you want quality, you want to look after the planet and you want something that’s going to last your lifetime then you’ll need to invest in something really special, but part of the beauty of that is you’ll only have to buy it once. By investing in something that’s not only statically pleasing but also thoughtfully functional, you’re investing in something that’s going to serve you and your family for many years to come. We don’t want to be adding to landfill, we want to be adding to people’s lives.”

Home to a relaxed curation of carefully considered pieces, Cloudberry houses a fascinating array of top-of-the-range brands, many of which are new to me, and come paired with a history that draws you into the story behind the design. One such company is Skagerak; family owned and run, here is a Danish company with strong and historic Scandinavian homeware and furniture design roots. Boasting a B CORP certification, Skagerak’s vision is to create products with a long lifespan by virtue of aesthetic and functional qualities, which is how they define sustainability. Made to last, age well and accumulate their own character through age, their sustainable teak and oak chairs and tables are designed with the future in mind, and are certain to be as relevant in 20 years’ time as they are today.

Another outdoor furniture brand that has proven particularly popular for the salty-aired climate of Cornwall, and relatively new to Cloudberry, is Fermob, a French company who are producing some of the finest modern and contemporary garden furniture on the market today. Renowned for their long life span, there is a real focus on sustainability in the design and production process. Originally designed for the Luxembourg garden in Paris by Frédéric Sofia in 2004, the Luxembourg collection is made up of lightweight, powder coated aluminium, and the choice of 23 colours encourages a unique collection for your outdoor space to make your outdoor evenings and sun-lit mornings especially inviting.

When it comes to illuminating your interior, atmosphere is everything, and Graypants have cultivated a range of designs that Cloudberry has seen grow in popularity as more people look to bring a little ambience into their homes. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants’ bold creativity has led to diverse designs in products, architecture and other beautiful objects around the world. Handcrafted from layers of recycled corrugated cardboard, Graypants’ flagship Scraplights make for warm, intimate and functional lighting, with each layer precision cut using custom laser and CNC methods that maximise the visual integrity of the material and enhance the warm light projected through the unique shapes. Inspired by wasps and bees, Hive and Nest are some of their more recent designs, offering a calming, natural vibe to any room.

Creating some of the finest and most recognisable lighting designs available today, Louis Poulsen pushes the boundaries of not only design, but also what is achievable in the way we use light in our everyday lives. Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer born out of the Scandinavian design tradition where form follows function, tailored to reflect and support the rhythm of natural light. With an aim to ‘shape light’, every detail in the design has a purpose. Every design starts and ends with light.

Alongside iconic names in lighting and furniture design, Cloudberry is also home to brands like Lapuan Kankurit, renowned for their effortlessly beautiful soft furnishings, combining over one hundred years of the finest Finish craftsmanship with the latest in luxury style. Headed up by fourth generation weavers, Jaana and Esko Hjelt, every blanket, towel, cushion and scarf has exceptional design, quality craftsmanship and sustainable aesthetics at its heart. For your everyday essentials, Iittala has created timeless tableware, glassware and homewares for the past 130 years, working with several generations of leading Nordic designers. Stripped to their bare essentials, Iittala finds a home with Cloudberry, who share their values in buying well and supporting small companies who are invested in quality and sustainability

Warmth and a strong feel for a relaxed life is the driving force behind one of the most popular Danish brands in the world today; Ferm Living. Based in Copenhagen, and established in 2005 by Trine Andersen, Ferm Living home, garden and lighting mixes soft colours, rich textures and clear functionality, so you can bring into your home exactly what Cloudberry Living wishes for you – a Scandinavian style that isn’t just about the objects inside, but a space that feels comfortable for you through versatility and clean lines. Speaking of comfort, Alicia will happily point you in the direction of Glerups for the ultimate in hand-crafted wool slippers. Founded in 1993 by Danish mother Nanny Glerup, these beautifully comfortable and practical slippers are each made with care and have gathered a glowing international reputation.

The beauty of such high-quality, simplistic designs is that they’ll find themselves at home in the most traditional of Cornish cottages or the freshest of modern new-builds, and Cloudberry is right at the forefront of stylish interiors built for the future. So, next time you find yourself wandering the cobbled streets of the historic town of Falmouth, make sure to pay a visit to 4 High Street. Stepping through the doors of Cloudberry Living will draw you into a welcoming world of fresh, conscious interiors and the warmest of receptions from Alicia and Steve, whose love for Scandi style is surpassed only by their passion for sharing their deep-rooted knowledge of this timeless Nordic artistry.


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