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Marks of Precision

Words by Dan Warden

At the beating heart of the modern home, a great kitchen is not just built, but shaped, around those who intend to use it.

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where you start the day together; in the evening, it’s where you wind down and reflect on the day’s events. It’s often the go-to room for entertaining guests too, so practicality when it comes to space and function is absolutely paramount.

For these very reasons, pre-built kitchens with standard-sized worktops and mass-produced styles and colours, often, don’t quite make the grade. Discerning home improvers want to be part of the design process, but not in the same way that most people experience it. They want to be involved in the design of the cabinetry itself; to have solutions precisely tailored to their space and crafted by hand – instead of being told that ‘unfortunately, we don’t have a unit in that size’.

Rozen Furniture creates brand-new kitchens, crafting them literally from the ground up, and nothing whatsoever in a new Rozen kitchen is bought in. The craftsmen even fit the appliances at their workshop on the Lizard, so that clients can walk around their new kitchen and make any final changes, before having it delivered to their home and fitted by Rozen’s professional team of fitters.

We all have different styles and tastes, and while some of us agree on generic themes – be traditional or contemporary – our actual vision can vary wildly. Rozen knows this, but not just that. It understands the need to have your kitchen precisely the way you want it, realising that for those willing to pay for exactly what they want, ‘close’ is almost never close enough.


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