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Moments of wonder

Words by Dan Warden

For Dan Williams, photography is about capturing images that reflect his personal fascination with the natural world.

Teigan Rundle

Growing up in Cornwall, Dan Williams was surrounded by the countryside, his fascination for wildlife in its seemingly endless forms fating him to a life spent outdoors. As an adult, his favourite pastimes include photography, fishing and falconry; not only do the three roll nicely off the tongue, they also allow him to spend as much of his time as possible immersed in the outside world.

“I’ve loved all species of animal since I was a child,” says Dan, who finds fascination in each and every subject. But it is far more than just another hobby. “2020 hasn’t been great to many of us, and for me,” he explains, “photography has become a way to escape what can be a busy and stressful life.”

In the last year alone, Dan’s passion for wildlife and his determination to explore have taken him across the UK, from the shores of Cornwall, to the Cairngorms, the Isle of Mull, and even the Treshnish Isles of Scotland. And even though the subjects change dramatically from place to place – from Cornish peregrines to Scottish puffins – what remains constant is Dan’s ability to capture and share those fleeting moments of wonder, the kind of which can only be found in the natural world.

Top left female peregrine falcon, top right Puffin on the Isle of Mull,

bottom left otters on the Isle of Mull, bottom right Blue Tit

Left Stonechat, right Blackcap

Above, young rabbit

@djwilliams_photography on Instagram.


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