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Nature in focus

Words by Julie Smith

With a passion for nature photography and filmmaking, Lewis believes that powerful imagery has the ability to inspire action for conservation.

Indian Mackerel

Growing up by the coast in the south west, a love of the sea and the great outdoors was forged at an early age. In fact, it was when learning to scuba dive aged just 13 that his deep love of the ocean and nature truly began. “My first underwater photo – taken on just a 35mm instant film camera – awoke my passion to reveal the beauty of nature hidden to many. I choose to capture the wonders of the natural world, to showcase the amazing creatures, habitats and landscapes that so desperately need our protection. Hopefully my images can help inspire others to love and appreciate nature the way it deserves.”

Photography has taken Lewis to distant shores – chasing light and wild places – and while his diverse portfolio reflects those travels, it also illustrates his commercial, conservation and landscape work closer to home. “Cornwall has a beauty and energy that is raw and real. It has had a huge influence on me and my work, and it will always be a place I call on for inspiration.”

Based in the south west and available for commission, Lewis offers a full range of photography, video and drone services.

Giant clam, Egypt | Indian Mackerel, Egypt

Compass jellyfish, Falmouth

Lion's mane jellyfish, Scotland

Last Light, St Ives Bay | Coral reef, Egypt

Spinner dolphins,Egypt

The Brisons, Cape Cornwall


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