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The planet we live on

Words by Dan Warden

In its many and varied forms, Harry Corden-Lloyd’s chief subject is our planet. His audience: the world.

Living in Cornwall for his adolescent life has allowed photographer Harry Corden-Lloyd to indulge in various different types of photography, such as landscape, wildlife and sports. “I have always been fascinated by the creation of a stunning picture,” he explains, “but it all started back in my old life in Somerset, when I bought my first camera. I had dabbled in and out of photography for a few years, using family cameras and my parents’ phones, but this is the time that it sparked.”

Since then, Harry’s work has continued to evolve, taking him from his home in Cornwall, to Barcelona and even California, capturing landscapes, wildlife and urban settings in equal measure, showing his artistic versatility and slowly, but surely, realising his life-goal – to “give back to the world in the form of photography and film of this planet that we live on”.

Harry Corden-Lloyd

Like many budding photographers at the beginning of their career, Harry hopes that he and his work can one day be as inspiring as those whose work first motivated him to pick up a camera. Drawing much of his inspiration from the photographers and videographers who help to bring the BBC’s natural history documentaries to life, Harry has serious aspirations to one day be involved with projects such as these, and with a clear knack for capturing an array of subjects – as you’ll see in the stills over the coming pages – I daresay it won’t be long before aspiration becomes reality for this talented young photographer.


‘Locked Eyes’

‘Corridors of Barcelona’

‘Golden Meadows’

‘Historic Barcelona’

Left: ‘10,000ft’ | Right: ‘Way up there...’


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