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Scandi sustainable

Everyday items in your house combine to shape the way you feel when you cross the threshold, from the cushions on your sofa down to the cups that you drink from. The right selection can contribute to that feeling of wellness that comes from inspired surroundings, and this is precisely the idea that underpins Cloudberry’s carefully curated selection of iconic Scandinavian home, lifestyle and wellbeing products. Chosen with sustainability in mind, each product on display in this boutique on Falmouth’s High Street encapsulates beauty, design and functionality, all the while enhancing a sense of easy living in increasingly busy times.

1. Ferm Living Pond Mirror

2. Caravaggio Warm Silk Pendant Light

3. Borastapeter Wallpaper

4. Catena Sofa and Hebe Lamp

5. Pappelina Rug

6. Fermob Luxembourg Garden Furniture

7. Skagerak Storage

8. Lapuan Kankurit

9. Ferm Living Champagne Saucers


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