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Setting the Bar

The ultimate grand touring sedan, from one of Britain’s most distinguished luxury car manufacturers.

The third generation of Bentley’s luxury four-door grand tourer, the Flying Spur owes only its name to its predecessor. The all new model delivers the durability of sports sedan agility and modern limousine refinement, in what can only be described as a technological tour de force of innovation, connectivity, passenger comfort and driver excitement.

The ultimate embodiment of what Bentley does, the Spur combines truly sporty and engaging drive with effortless performance. Indeed, it’s powered by Bentley’s renowned W12 twin turbocharged TSI engine, an enhanced six litre unit that delivers the ultimate in performance, agility and dynamism, and which has already proven itself in the Continental GT.

© Bentley

The Flying Spur’s fusion of cutting-edge electronics and artisan craftsmanship are a hallmark of this distinguished manufacturer’s forward-looking approach to technology, blending ease of use with exquisite design and functionality. Add to this Bentley’s signature luxe interiors and attention to comfort throughout the cabin, and the Flying Spur truly sets the bar for the modern luxury grand touring sedan.


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