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Setting the standard

Words by Rosie Cattrell

Seeking al fresco perfection in unparalleled sophistication and style, in partnership with some of the finest luxury outdoor kitchen brands in the world.

Cooking outdoors under the summer sun with friends and family has become what almost feels like a right of passage for us here in the UK, and after the frost of winter has faded into spring and the warm promise of sunshine days, we find ourselves drawn into our outside spaces once more to soak up the rays with the ones arounds us. Sharing a meal in the summer shelter of our gardens feels like a luxury in itself, but we’ve come a long way from flipping a couple of burgers on the grate of a rusted barbeque that’s been temporarily liberated from a forgotten corner of the garden for a couple of months.

“Cooking outdoors gives us a sense of freedom, and from the time man invented fire we have done exactly that,” says Business Development Director, Lee Dauny. “I believe that with the increased consciousness to maintain a better work life balance we have looked at our surroundings and become more aware of what balances us. There is nothing more grounding than being surrounded by nature, and cooking outside is a fundamental part of this. It is a basic nature in all of us and now we have the equipment to be able to do this come rain or shine and there is nothing more enjoyable than the smaller things in life.”

Transforming the world of al fresco cooking and dining, Bradshaw Luxury are introducing us to a world of luxury kitchens, specially made for the great outdoors of your own back garden. With powerful performance as standard, Bradshaw Luxury have carefully sought out brands of such a quality that will not only perform all year round, but are also designed to last throughout a wet and windy Cornish winter, ready to be made use of as soon as the clouds clear, which Lee fervently agrees with: “An outdoor kitchen is not just for summer, it’s for all year round; I even use mine on Christmas Day. The versatility it gives is huge and after the last two years it’s great to be able to have an extra space in which we can enjoy time creating memories with our family and friends.”

Outdoor kitchens are becoming an increasingly popular means of achieving the lifestyle that several lockdowns left us yearning for, that is, the kind that allows us to gather comfortably with our nearest and dearest whilst immersing ourselves in the natural beauty of the outdoors. Gone are the days of a simple, often slightly rusted gas barbeque sitting under cover for nine or ten months of the year (although I think we’ll all agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!). Approaches to outdoor cooking and what we want to achieve from it have significantly evolved, and in combination with developments in the technology and equipment now available for outdoor cooking, we’ve come to a point where it’s no longer unreasonable to aspire to the same quality of build and flexibility outdoors as we have come to expect inside. Although, as we’ve already learned, Bradshaw Luxury is about more than mere aspirations…

From boiling a big pan of corn on the cob, to simmering your famous BBQ sauce, a decent outdoor kitchen needs a proper rangetop burner, not just a side burner which is there to ‘make do’. You need warming units to keep food moist and reduce rebound time from temperature drops after you open the cabinet door. You need a professional wine cabinet and refrigeration system so that you don’t have to keep running indoors to keep your guests watered. A skilled outdoor chef demands the best aesthetic and performance from an outdoor kitchen to complement that of the kitchen they have indoors.

Carefully considered, and meticulously scrutinised, Bradshaw Luxury have gathered some of the best brands in the world for this particular market, with a wealth of advice and expertise on hand for those of us looking to dip our toe. Innovative and passionate, the visionary creators behind the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet range strive for excellence and perfection, and so far, they haven’t disappointed, continuing to set the bar for industry excellence in your very own back garden. Urban Bonfire offers a lust worthy selection of cabinets crafted from the highest quality materials, and with a range of accessories and finishing options, there’s nothing to stop you from finding the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Let’s not forget the Italian quality of Steel Cucine, or the home gourmand opportunities that come with Lynx Grills, Wolf and DeliVita.

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are, the team at Bradshaw Luxury are determined that you should share in the experience of cooking in the great outdoors if that’s what you seek, as Lee explains: “Our outdoor kitchens can be installed in all geographical regions, from mountains to coastal retreats, and this is possible because of the marine grade metal choices we have with Kalamazoo and Urban Bonfire products. The addition of an outdoor kitchen gives you an additional functional living space, and it has been proven that their existence increases the value of a property and its attraction when on the market.

“We often consider the kitchen as the heart of the home and as true as this is, having an outdoor kitchen allows there to be a heart on the outside too,” Lee reflects. “Having a complete outdoor kitchen allows you to prepare, cook and serve your family and guests all from the same space. No longer are you having to run between the kitchen to the grill. Our outdoor kitchen offerings include grills, side burners, sinks, storage, refrigeration, pizza ovens and cocktail stations. It allows you to have a space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors whilst looking after a basic need of life, and that is to eat, while being a healthy way to feed the family, but more importantly enhances the social aspect of cooking.” Over-cooked meat and charred vegetables are a distant memory with a myriad of products on offer with Bradshaw Luxury, from rotisseries, griddles, smokers and wine cabinets to pizza ovens, formidable dual grills and more. Indeed, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, and why should it need to stay inside?

When it comes to performance, aesthetics and functionality, the outdoor kitchen world is about to hit new heights as we come to terms with the fresh opportunities that this concept can bring to our outside spaces. With al fresco culinary adventures in mind, expect a prickle of adrenalin as the fire from your dual grill literally roars into life, and you realise that you won’t have to compromise on your cooking experience when immersing yourself in the great outdoors. After all, we’ve been harnessing fire to cook outdoors for two million years, why should we stop now?


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