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Smart and Practical

By design, window shutters are incredibly versatile. They offer varying levels of light and privacy that curtains and blinds simply cannot match.

Just over ten years ago, Andrew Cook spotted a growing interest in shutters, amongst home furnishers and the general public. Within the home market, he saw that they would only grow in popularity to become an alternative choice for window coverings, competing strongly with the need for blinds and curtains. Curtains it seemed had had their time. For centuries they were the ideal choice – indeed the best – for dressing windows, retaining warmth, maintaining privacy and supporting a whole drapery industry. But times had changed and many 21st century alternatives were starting to leave curtains in the shade. His instinct proved correct, with ensuing business success providing a vehicle for him and the whole family to relocate to Cornwall.

Just Shutters prides itself on being a local company. Based in Newquay they are able to offer excellent customer service across the peninsula, looking after the needs of both long-term residents and for those in the holiday letting market. With the adoption and acceptance of online meetings, locals and non-domicile home owners can utilise Zoom or Facetime meetings to engage with the company, negating the need to be on-site when making a choice. The whole process becomes very streamlined and stress free, with some installations achievable within a two-to-three-hour window – making it a very attractive proposition on changeover days.

What has really helped push shutters to the fore, besides being easy to install, is the number of different designs and materials now available; allowing homeowners to match them with the colour scheme of their interiors. Essentially each set of shutters can be as bespoke as you want it to be, and of course made to measure. Shutter styles with smaller louvres and a centre tilt rod style would suit a more traditional interior while wide panels lend themselves to a modern and contemporary home. They really can enhance your home’s aesthetics both inside and out, offering a touch of continental chic and a welcome break from the more obvious choices.

In some instances, they might be the more expensive option, but their built-in versatility means they actually provide better value in the long run than curtains or blinds. If privacy, light control, efficiency and durability are important to you, there is no better window dressing option.

A big advantage they have over curtains comes from the degree of control that you can exercise over your environment. Window shutters can be set to be partially open which allows the required amount of light into the room whilst simultaneously reducing the impact of full sun on fabrics such as furniture and carpets. A recent study proved that shutters also reduce heat loss more than blinds and curtains – a big plus as we move toward a more sustainable future. Hence, they can help maintain a desired room temperature and ultimately reduce your heating bills. 

In conclusion, shutters meet all the criteria for practical and stylish window coverings. They don’t date or clash with changing colour schemes, unlike curtains, making them a timeless and versatile option for any home.

To find out more visit the Just Shutters website or get in touch by calling 01637 808397.


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