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Sustainable style

Words by Rebecca Hawkey

Luxury window coverings that don’t cost the earth, thanks to this eco-conscious local company.

Founder Andrew Cook started Just Shutters 12 years ago after noticing a growing interest for shutters in the home market, rightly believing they would go on to be the number one choice for window coverings, rapidly replacing the need for blinds and curtains. Originally hailing from Exeter, Andrew and his family relocated to Cornwall a few years ago, and haven’t looked back since. As a company based in the heart of Newquay in Cornwall, the team at Just Shutters are advocates for protecting the local environment, given that some of the most spectacular expanses of coastline lie right on their doorstep. They are dedicated to providing their clients with high-quality shutters that don’t cost the earth, whilst still enhancing the elegance of their homes. But what does this mean?

Shutters are not just a stunning addition to your home; they are also a very practical one. When speaking with Andrew, he explains why this is the case. “In the dark days of winter, they keep the heat in and screen out the cold and wet, making living spaces and bedrooms cosy and intimate. Windows are a big culprit for heat loss. When internal shutters are closed, they seal the window completely, ensuring that minimal heat escapes through it.”

The Just Shutters Plantation range in particular is crafted using premium materials. The specially formulated engineered wood is moisture-resistant, durable, affordable and safe for you and your family, making them an ideal solution for almost every room in the home. What’s more this team knows that life is for living, and that accidents happen, which is why these shutters require minimal maintenance once installed, and can be easily repaired should anything get damaged. By crafting a product that can withstand the passing of seasons, lively toddlers and fluffy dogs, you are reducing the need to replace them too often, ergo reducing the waste that goes to landfill. This range of shutters can enhance a house as a refuge from climatic extremes as they improve the thermal efficiency of windows by up to 40%. So, according to Andrew, you can turn down the thermostat, reduce your carbon emissions and lower your energy bills.

At Just Shutters all of their wooden products are FSC certified, not just the Plantation range. For optimum eco-credentials why not explore their LockWood range, which is custom-made from Paulownia wood. Paulownia is the world’s fastest growing hardwood which reaches maturity in just seven years, as opposed to Teak which takes over 25 years to reach full height.

As we know, Andrew recognised the need for shutters over other more traditional window coverings. Whilst curtains had been the epitome of window dressings thanks to their ability to hold warmth, maintaining privacy and allowing homeowners to add their personal touches thanks to a variety of fabrics and colours, they have taken a backseat in recent years. Instead of stuffy, heavy fabrics that hold dust and dirt, families across the country are turning to a more European way of living. Whilst being easy to install, they have also shaken off their purely functional, minimalist genesis. Just Shutters provides customers with an impressive array of designs, patterns and styles to suit anyone and any home. You have the freedom to match these shutters with the overarching theme of your interior space, from traditional country homes, to more contemporary minimalist abodes. What’s more, Andrew prides himself on delivering such a bespoke service not just across Cornwall, but nationwide.

The versatility of these shutters means you can explore ranges across the board, from small louvres with a centre tilt rod, to wide-panelled wooden coverings, finding something to suit your style down to the fixtures. In some instances, the shutter route may be the more expensive option, but with that you are getting a product that is better value for money since they are long-lasting and offer better light control. This isn’t to say you cannot dress your windows with curtains for decoration, but the shutters will be the real star feature.

Homes across the country are making the move towards a shutter-style interior, especially here in Cornwall, where we have an impressive selection of properties looking to entice visitors in the summer months with their elegant, chic spaces. Whether you are looking to decorate your holiday let, or refresh your own window choices at home, Just Shutters has something for everyone. Thanks to the pandemic, the team here are experts in conducting not just in-person consultations, but those over Zoom and Facetime, which is great for those who do not reside in their property full-time, making the whole process very streamlined and stress free.

Andrew and the team pride themselves on offering sustainable choices at all points in the customer relationship. All of their standard delivery shutters are transported via sea rather than by air. This reduces the overall carbon footprint when delivering their shutters from the factory to their final home, and they are committed to recycling over 95% of their packaging. And whilst Just Shutters is a national brand, it is proud to be a local company, providing excellent customer service to the whole of Cornwall and beyond.


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