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Taking form

Words by Hannah Tapping

Introducing Form Art Festival, running from 30th September to 2nd October at Falmouth’s Princess Pavilion.

Left: Vicki and Ann at Morgans (work by Hannah Eavis)

Middle: Work by Diane Whalley

Right: Work by Ellie Brown

The county of Cornwall has long been a source of inspiration, refuge and community. Simultaneously shaped by, and shaping, the creatives who call it home, artists and makers here are influenced by the rhythms of the landscape that surrounds us, inspired at once by its raw dynamism and its gentle ebb and flow. We believe that the art created in Cornwall is unparalleled, and are not alone in saying that it deserves to be celebrated by faces both familiar and new.

2022 marks the first year of a new annual festival which celebrates the visual arts heritage and vibrant creative culture of Falmouth. Form, as it is appropriately named, will offer a series of captivating events including talks, workshops and exhibitions in venues across the town, including a three-day art fair at Princess Pavilion. Here, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the work of hugely talented Cornish artists and craftspeople working across an entire spectrum of mediums, and purchase directly from these small creative enterprises.

Left: Work by Sam Marks / Image by Tor Harrison

Middle: Work by Sophie Harding

Right: Work by Will Nock Spearheaded by Vicki Glaister of Inspire Makers and Ann Morgan of Morgans, Form is a not-for-profit organisation championing both established and emerging Cornish talent, supporting the growth of Falmouth’s burgeoning creative culture. Form Art Festival is supported by Falmouth BID, and is part of the Falmouth Creates initiative, ensuring each event in Falmouth reaches the town’s full potential.

Top left: Work by Carl Austin

Top middle: Work by Laura Menzies

Top right: Morgans Gallery, work by Martha Holmes

Bottom left: Work by Flora Forshall

Bottom middle: Work by Dave Pentin

Bottom right: Work by Maggic Cochran

Top left: Work by Martha Holmes

Top right: Work by Silver Sapling Bottom left: Work by Porth Jewellery

Bottom right: Inspire Makers gallery

Examples of work from each of the artists and makers taking part in Form Art Festival can be viewed across the pages of this article. As you’ll see, they are as varied as they are beautiful.

Instagram: formfalmouth

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