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Travel, lifestyle and interior photographer Evie Johnstone creates visual stories with a vibrant and contemporary style.

As is the ambition of many a teenager who loves the ocean, Evie Johnstone dreamed of being a professional surfer. Her love for photography fuelled her studies but the draw of the waves was too powerful and so, at the age of 18, Evie left school, purchased a one-way ticket to Costa Rica and followed her dream.

Surfing every day, Evie put her drive and ambition to good use and set up her first business, running an all-girls surf camp. Over a period of seven years, Evie competed on the Latin America Pro Tour and won the UK Pro Surf Tour in 2012. Her trademark hard work and determination, meant that by the age of just 25, she had fulfilled her surfing ambition.

Evie’s surfing career took her across the globe, and during those years of travel and exploring new cultures, she pursued her passion for photography, capturing a unique world through her lens. Her photographs are at once full of life, while simultaneously reflecting a still moment in time; a snapshot of person and place.

Evie now calls Cornwall’s surfing capital Newquay her home. When not working in her studio there, her collaborations with international brands take her to those incredible far-flung places from which she drew her initial inspiration.

‘First Light, Costa Rica’

‘Give It A Squeeze’

Left: ‘Tarquins’ | Right: ‘Home Sweet Home’

‘Sophisticated Shade’

‘Magical Annecy’

Left: ‘Morning Dip’ | Right: ‘My Girl Gang’

‘Van Life, Mont Blanc Massif’

‘Van Life Adventures At Home’


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