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Unveiling authenticity

Words by Hannah Tapping

The work of John Hersey is inquisitive and sensitive, capturing moments of stillness within the person or landscape.

John Hersey

His work is inspired by tenderness in the human spirit and nature, exploring authenticity in the fabric, spaces and people that he photographs. He’s driven by an intrigue for light, shadow and how they define each other. His mantra is “light shows us what there is, shadow shows us the way to it”.

John is primarily an assignment based photographer, with clients including some of Cornwall’s most established businesses, international journals, producers and manufacturers, corporations and private commissioners with a common focus on quality, integrity and detail in their pursuits. Through his assignments John finds quiet frames and moments in his subjects, that show a tender world – something akin to a lucid dream, capturing that state between sleep and consciousness. In 2021, John, who is based in Cornwall, is launching a series of immersive ‘Flow State’ workshops that will incorporate meditation, nature connection and photography. He will also be exhibiting his fine art prints at North Coast Asylum Gallery, Newquay.






'Alfie for Adolescence'

'Rosehips with Garden Flower Company'


'Sam's Grass'


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