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Working with the grain

Words by Dan Warden

Creativity, collaboration and craftsmanship: the three fundaments behind the region’s finest hand-crafted furniture makers.

Our homes are the places in which we seek sanctuary and so, naturally, we want them to be as comfortable, and as reflective of ourselves, as possible. But in reality, if you are thinking about making a change to your home space, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Realising a home style that reflects your own, and achieving the ambience that best helps you to relax and forget about the stresses of life outside your own private haven, is no small undertaking. But these are precisely the things that, over 35 years, the team at Rozen Furniture have become experts in helping clients to realise.

The company was founded in 1986, born through the creative partnership of Ian Cox and Alan Pearce, both cabinet makers by trade and creatives at heart. From humble beginnings, the business quickly began to expand and in 2000, found itself in need of a bigger workshop for the multiplying workforce, leading Ian and Alan to take the decision to move to their current offices and workshop, in the beautiful Cornish village of Ruan Minor.

Experts in the world of bespoke furniture commissions and personalised kitchens, the Rozen team today continue to champion the founding principles of quality and customer service. As Ian explains: “Those concepts have been uppermost in the company’s profile, but now, although we haven’t forgotten our roots and still work locally making one-off bespoke pieces, we tend towards larger-scale, complete interior design projects, also working with architects and interior designers, with projects ranging from new builds to renovation works on listed buildings.”

For those larger scale projects, the process begins with a personal visit to your home, or a workshop meeting with the Design team. Here you can talk through your ideas and get one-to-one advice on functionality, flow and how your ideas can best be facilitated for the perfect result. “Design is one of the most important aspects of any project and one of our greatest strengths,” says Ian. “A well-designed piece of furniture that pleases aesthetically, enhances a home, complements its environment and brings pleasure to its owner and those who see it. That is our ultimate aim.”

From here, Ian and the team will guide you through a series of creative conversations, hand-drawn visuals and discussions on material and finish, before getting started in the workshop. Unlike other companies, the entire process fully involves you as the client, and at any stage you like, you’re always welcome to visit and observe your collaborative masterpiece come to life. Seeing it all take shape before your eyes is a rare opportunity, but it’s one that Ian and Alan believe is fundamental to why clients choose Rozen. “We foster a real atmosphere of partnership and understanding,” says Ian, “and your thoughts and questions are taken on board throughout the entire process. After all, it’s your dream project!”

In this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly important to us that our dream homes are brought to reality in as sustainable a fashion as possible. It’s perhaps never been more apparent, the effect that heavy industry and unsustainable building practises are having on our planet, which is why Rozen is determined to keep its footprint to an absolute minimum. “All of our materials are sustainably sourced and we try to source as local as possible, to minimise mileage. We recycle waste materials, packaging and lacquers where possible, and,” says Ian, “we even have electrical charging points for staff vehicles.”

What about the team? What skills do they bring to each project? I learn from that in fact, most of the cabinet makers have been with Rozen since the start of their apprenticeships, eventually becoming fully time-served employees. “We also have an interior design team, including a CAD draftsman,” says Ian, which makes arriving at the right decisions for you and your home far easier and much less daunting than ‘going it alone’. But it’s not just in the workshop that Ian, Alan and co weave magic. By handling all deliveries in-house, and employing a tried and trusted team of self-employed fitters who share the Rozen ethos, your project is always brought to life and delivered to the letter – no miscommunications between the fitters and the showroom, no unexpected delays due to missing parts. The entire process has been perfected over 35 years to ensure that the finished product is fitted into your home, with the same meticulous attention to detail that goes into creating each individual unit.

So where in the home can Rozen help bring to life? What they are perhaps best known for, are bespoke kitchens. Starting its life on the beautiful south coast, a new Rozen kitchen is created from the artist’s plans all the way through to the doors, drawers and finishing touches, with nothing being ‘bought in’. “We also fit each appliance, including sinks, at the workshop, and invite clients to come and view their kitchens for approval, before disassembling them for finishing,” says Ian. But that’s not all. “We take great care ensuring your existing kitchen area is ready to receive your new kitchen, which is why we also provide trade services such as plumbing, electrical works, floor finishing and even decorating.”

In truth, however, Rozen can help with any room. It could be that you’ve all but finished your new home interior and are just looking for a bespoke table to fit in an awkward corner. Alternatively, you may need a specialist to fulfil your entire property’s furniture and cabinetry. You might be in search of something that’s visually astonishing to really wow your guests, or going back to that awkward corner, practicality could be your top priority. Whatever it is you need, says Ian: “Our approach to home design is to ensure you’re left with a product that fits flawlessly with your style, your needs and, most importantly, your home.”

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