The spirit of renewal is something that suffuses each new year. From lighter mornings and lengthening days to fresh shoots of growth in the fields and hedgerows, each day that dawns offers hope and enlightenment. After the dark hues of winter, this emerging light and pigment from all around us is welcomed by artists and photographers alike. Linda Styles’ ceramics, with their rivers of colour and accents of pure glistening gold, combine to create exquisite pieces that uplift and excite. From the micro to the macro, photographer Steve Brownhill uses light to bring both architectural and natural landscapes to vivid life. New beginnings are also synonymous with those pioneers who push the boundaries, whether they be personal, creative or business. Chef Director of Canteen Cornwall, Ben Quinn turned adversity into diversity earlier this year, by serving thousands of his signature food boxes to frontline NHS staff in Cornwall during the first lockdown. Taking further inspiration from change, he has subsequently written a recipe book, from which he shares a selection of recipes that follow Canteen’s ethos of good food with good values. Tia Tamblyn also seeks nourishment from nature on a foraging expedition with herbalist Harriet Coleman of West Apothecary, harvesting from the abundance of medicinal plants found in Cornwall. With a collective focus on the bold and the beautiful, the wise and the wonderful, life and luxury, this first volume of DRIFT for 2021 brings together a community of contributors and readers in celebration of embarking on a journey through the year ahead.

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On the cover

This fabulous piece is the work of Cornwall based carpenter and artist, Charlie Bakewell.




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