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Where once a big city was considered the beating heart of the arts, there has now been a conscious shift towards the coast and countryside where the pace seems more appropriate to creativity, and inspiration can be found at every turn. Cornwall, in particular, has seen a surge in talent locating to the county from those seeking a place to live and work that offers community and  collaboration. Mercedes Smith talks to four resident contemporary artists about the sea-change that is happening in the county, as Martin Holman discusses the importance of this artistic fellowship with Jonathan Michael Ray. The opportunity that Cornwall affords those who capture life through a lens is difficult to quantify, such is the life force of its landscape and natural world. Luke Gartside documents the Duchy’s surf culture, capturing an ocean community of professionals and local heroes. Dan Williams frames a different world; that of the birds and animals that inhabit our shores and fields. Exchanging city for coast, florist Hayley Scott has found new purpose and a pace of life in Newquay that allows her floral artistry to flow in a rhythm set by the seasons, while a community of a different kind has been created on a Cornish cliff top introducing sauna bathing and the benefits of hot and cold therapy for mental and physical wellbeing. Blue health is something that mental health charity, Sea Sanctuary is a leading exponent of, as their new wellbeing hub encourages and supports meaningful connection. Whatever the connection you seek, we invite you to immerse yourself in DRIFT’s  champions, pioneers, designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

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Trudy Montgomery’s ‘Tethered’, as featured from page 19, where Mercedes Smith explores the changes happening here in Cornwall that are giving greater visibility to the work of its resident artists.