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Beyond its tangible manifestations, the South West also embodies a way of life characterised by a deep reverence for nature, a profound connection to the land, and a celebration of community and heritage. It is this holistic approach to living that infuses artistic endeavour in the region, resulting in creations that are not only visually striking but also imbued with a sense of soulful authenticity.


Photographer Peter John Fellows (17) finds himself seeking out those moments when all elements align and he can be fully immersed and engaged in his surroundings. Creations of a culinary kind are the order of the day at The Pig at Combe (40). Connections here come direct from the earth, where ingredients are cultivated for the kitchen. The seasons define the menu and there is an unfailing verity in how produce is sourced.


Rosie Harbottle’s (49) connection with place is derived from her proximity to the expanses of Dartmoor and informs her artistic practice of telling nature’s untold stories on canvas.


Emma Jeffryes (84) finds her subject matter at the water’s edge, where sea meets land. Her time spent  in the Cornish wilds connects her as if part of the fabric of the very landscape she explores.


Author Sophie Pierce (105) finds herself swimming into the sublime, seeking authenticity of self from the joy of immersion. That which surrounds us inspires creativity, ingenuity and boundless imagination. It ignites our senses, awakens curiosity and leaves us with a renewed appreciation for the timeless allure of a unique lifestyle.


Welcome to the world of DRIFT Journal, where artistry knows no bounds and every creation is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. 

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On the cover

‘Dream Pool’, Hannah Luxton, oil on linen canvas. Hannah’s work will be featured as part of a
new show, The Shape of Now at Velarde, Kingsbridge. As featured from page 28.


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