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The natural world has been on our minds for many reasons recently. It is a constant, something we look to and relish in times of change. It is safe ground and a place of play, contemplation and reflection. It simultaneously inspires, evokes and calms, and is a haven for all living things. However, it is also ever-changing and it is this very juxtaposition, of transience and permanence, that permeates the work of the artists and makers in this volume. Caroline Cleave discusses how the natural world has an incidental influence on her prints and how the corresponding folklore gives depth of meaning to her work. Martin Stevens takes his inspiration from the natural world of the ocean, capturing sea creatures in all their glorious technicolour. Hewn from local wood, Scott Woyka’s furniture celebrates organic shapes, aptly gracing the meeting rooms of the G7 Summit, where world leaders discussed climate change, and Arnold van den Dolder’s relationship with the world around him combines the foraged with the fascinating, creating kitchens that embrace raw materials and eclectic finds, bringing new life to old. Raw materials are embraced in a different sense at Inlight Beauty, where all-natural, organic ingredients are combined to create a sumptuous, slow-beauty skincare range that goes beyond skin deep. As we journey through the pages, each and every tale is reassuringly formidable and inspiring; an anecdote to the stresses and strains of modern life and a tonic for this time.

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This ima Reminding us of summer days spent exploring the coast, this shot was supplied by Alex Samborne, founder of Skylark Distillery and creator of Lantic Gin.