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True to DRIFT form, this volume follows the lives, loves and legacies of a unique group of artists, photographers, producers and businesses who are masters of their varying crafts. Ceramicist Akiko Hirai and her husband, weaver Jason Collingwood, talk of their daily routines and how their commitment to their craft defines their lifestyle, ahead of a rare joint show at New Craftsman Gallery. Open Studios, Cornwall returns to the Duchy this year with creatives opening their studios and workshops, inviting outsiders to experience their compositions and creations first-hand. Printmaker Henri Villiers, whose inspiration comes from her environment, is one such artist who will be sharing her studio perched high above the beach. Photographer, Megan Hemsworth, greets many a new dawn with her 35mm camera as she captures Cornish surfers on the morning waves for her new book, Admire. Using this analogue medium anchors each shoot in a fleeting moment of time and is a rare representation of life on the ocean shown through a series of raw, unedited images. It is the waters that surround Cornwall and its myriad fish species that has been the subject of many a sustainable debate over recent years; Ocean Fish and its W Stevenson fleet of fishing boats, work tirelessly to ensure they are always at the leading edge of sustainable fishing practices, and, in collaboration with leading Cornish development chef James Strawbridge, are encouraging us all to champion local fish.  We invite you to join us as we journey  through this collection of creative highlights.

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On the cover

‘Wall’ by Henri Villiers. Henri is one of many artists opening their studio doors in this year’s Open Studios Cornwall.