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This limited edition book is a celebration of the artists for whom Cornwall provides constant inspiration. Intriguingly current and timelessly readable DRIFT Art Review is at once a valuable tool for collectors, a coveted addition to coffee tables for the year ahead and a collectible for those who value the enduring appeal of the arts.

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It’s all just one big conceptual wrestle, and I could never get bored of it. The only thing that is certain is that the more we talk about art, the greater its force becomes, which makes this first Drift Art Review so important. Cornwall has so many talented artists, so many exceptional galleries, but so few publications to champion them, and the bridge between Cornwall and the city-centric focus of national art magazines is yet to be built."

Artists featured: Jesse Leroy Smith, Sarah Woods, Mary Kaun English, Ashley Hanson, Gemma Lessinger, Luke Knight, Martyn Perryman, Richard Ballinger, Will Calver, Patricia Wilson, Paula Downing, Trudy Montgomery, Zee van Gils, Nina Brooke and Trevor Price

Galleries featured: New Craftsman Gallery St. Ives, CIRCLE

Collectors: Vivien Woodiwiss