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Words by Andrew Weaver

In Cornwall, there’s a noticeable inclination among residents, especially locals, to favour Cornish independent businesses, fostering a circular economy within the region. This tendency stems from our close-knit community, where we’re just one degree of separation away from each other, heightening awareness of the impact of our spending choices.

Every day, we make choices with our wallets, effectively shaping the world we inhabit. Supporting local businesses yields tangible benefits for our immediate surroundings and the individuals who call it home. Opting for local enterprises over national or international chains keeps money circulating within the community. For instance, sourcing a new kitchen from a local carpenter not only ensures superior craftsmanship and personalised service but also directs a significant portion of profits back into the local economy, enriching the lives of both the artisan’s family and the wider community.

This ethos of patronising local tradespeople, artisans and service providers has cultivated a robust market offering high-quality goods and services across Cornwall. 

Investing in our community elevates standards across the board, resulting in a flourishing home sector encompassing cabinet makers, kitchen installers, furniture artisans and more.

In my 18 years of advocating for local businesses through initiatives like the Cornwall Home Show, I’ve witnessed significant shifts in our region. With an influx of newcomers, it’s crucial to uphold and share our values, making mindful and purposeful spending choices. Establishing a local connection with businesses fosters greater accountability, benefiting both consumers and the sector as a whole. In the face of increasing globalism, it’s imperative for us in Cornwall to deliberate on the future we envision. By voting with our wallets and spending conscientiously, we safeguard choice, quality and customer service.

Andrew Weaver, Owner and Founder of Live Events South West, Shop Cornish and Seven Acre Farm, as well as Project Manager of Made In Cornwall, has been instrumental in championing these principles and helping the public and businesses do the same.


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