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Founded on ethics

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to their mined natural counterparts. The only exception: their origin.

Founded by owner Elaine and daughter Emily, Ethica Diamonds’ fundamental values lie in hard work, trust and a passion for their craft, creating made-to-order and bespoke pieces of jewellery. More than that though, they hold sustainability and ethics at the core of everything they do, and these are the founding principles behind their use of the Ethica Diamond – an independently graded diamond alternative – as well as their more recently unveiled lab-grown diamonds. Grown using hydropower, the latter are the first and only diamonds in the world to be grown using 100% sustainable green energy, thereby accounting for just 0.1% of all diamonds worldwide and making them incredibly precious. The creation process also makes them completely sustainable and certified carbon neutral. Because the manufacturing process replicates the natural diamond growing process, the resulting stones are chemically, physically and optically identical to those grown beneath the Earth’s surface.

On all of this, Elaine explains: “Besides impeccable quality, the most important thing to us is the care and service we provide to our customers. We listen carefully to each customer’s needs and work with them to create a piece of highly personal jewellery that has been lovingly crafted, whilst being environmentally and socially responsible. With the recent spotlight on the climate crisis, we have noticed a rise in the amount of conscientious customers who feel they want to do good by the planet. And when it comes to fine jewellery, lab grown diamonds and gems are simply the best choice, for quality and environmental responsibility.”

This last point is key, and former CEO of Tiffany & Co, Michael J. Kowalski discusses the treacherous consequences of mining, in an opinion piece in the New York Times, claiming that “few industries in the world have a larger environmental and social footprint than mining”. This makes sustainable lab-grown diamonds (of which Ethica Diamonds are the south west’s leading supplier) an attractive alternative to those that are mined, especially given that each lab-grown stone is as unique as those found beneath the Earth’s surface. Each diamond forms in its own way, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns. No two man-made diamonds are alike, each is unique to its core and comes certified with its own unique gemmological identification.


£11,500 with lab-grown diamond £15,000 wth lab-grown diamond

£44,734 with mined equivalent £60,000 with minded equivalent



£3,900 with lab-grown diamond £28,000 with lab-grown diamond

£11,000 with mined equivalent £199,000 with mined equivalent


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