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Visceral elements

J.J Midwinter’s pared-back compositions are an ode to the delight and sense of freedom that arises from connecting with the ocean.

JJ Midwinter | © Ingrid Pop

A British artist living and working in Newquay, Cornwall, J.J Midwinter’s minimalist monochrome images take the viewer out of themselves, soaring beyond the edges of the land to a place of stillness and solitude. Having lived in London for most of his life, James moved to Cornwall in 2015 and was inspired by the expansive nature of the landscape and its distant horizons.

“Surfing a wave, watching the sets roll in from the shore or walking a coastal path are the images that transport us to these experiences – exposing us to the visceral elements; the constant motion of the waves and the ebbing tide,” explains James. “These moments are so important to me… they give me time to slow down to match the pace of my surroundings, calm my mind and enjoy the simplicity of nature.”

Working in series, Midwinter methodically gathers a collection of images that resonate and work cohesively, celebrating moments in nature that refer directly to his own experiences. Through his explorations, Midwinter elegantly captures the essence of a place, returning to situations that refer to solitude, friendship, connection and community.

In 2021 his debut photobook The Waves Between was published by New Heroes and Pioneers Publishing and he has exhibited work alongside Nina Brooke at Joy Editions gallery in Bude. In 2022 his practice will be moving from photography toward painting, creating abstract works that touch on the connections between nature and emotion, but that still display his style of composition and atmosphere.


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