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Celebrating craftsmanship

Photographer Rhona McDade captures brands in a sun-dappled, signature aesthetic.

Rhona McDade

Born in Devon, and now based in Porthtowan, Cornwall, 27-year-old photographer Rhona McDade loves to photograph brands that rekindle and reinvigorate old traditions; capturing handmade, life-enhancing, artisanal products that have had love and energy poured into them.

“I have quite a spontaneous style of shooting. Each shot isn’t always meticulously set-up. A lot of my best shots come from experimentation with natural light, structure, form and shadow,” explains Rhona. “My fascination with photography began when I was given a microscope as a small child, I loved pulling each slide into focus and I get the same buzz when pulling a shot into focus now.”

Rhona works mostly on location. From hotels, restaurants, galleries and studios, to beaches, woodlands, on boats, in nature and outdoors, Rhona marries creative direction with marketing strategy, to create photographs that tell a brand’s story whilst also serving a visual function: “I like to explore each subject through the senses. How does this experience smell, taste, feel, look, sound? This allows me to create more emotionally intelligent photographs that have a deeper meaning and connect the viewer to the subject on a more personal level. I personally have a ‘visual diet’, where I curate and limit the content I consume day-to-day. I believe that the images and messages we consume affect what we create. I surround myself with high frequency books, music, podcasts, conversations, journals, places and people that expand my practice and propel me forwards.”

The New Craftsman Gallery

Left, Navas Drinks, right, Land & Water

Land & Water

Ellie Air Jewellery

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Homework Store

Nina Brookes, artist

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