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Fleeting moments

Photographer, Liam Alford, is driven by the pursuit of an image that’s never before been seen.

Liam first realised his passion for photography during his time at college. “That was when photography was part of the National Diploma in Fine Art. Back then, nothing was digital and we processed all images in a dark room. I got my first digital camera five years ago, and that’s when I rediscovered my love for it.”

Liam draws inspiration from all different kinds of media; it could be a magazine in a waiting room, or a photographer’s feed on Instagram. In his own photography, Liam explains: “My main aim is to try and show the world through my perspective, and show people images that they haven’t seen before. Every photographer wants to take ‘never seen before’ images and although that’s becoming harder to achieve, it is still possible.”

Predominantly focusing on landscapes in Cornwall, Liam has a flair for capturing the fickle nature of the weather here by the sea. It’s a passion, too, and as he puts it: “It’s the joy of capturing a fleeting moment that gets me out of the house most days.” But it’s not just the coast and countryside that draw his eye. In fact, he reveals that he also has a keen interest in portrait and urban photography, and with trips lined up for when we’re allowed to travel again, Liam is looking forward to venturing into new grounds with his camera in hand.

Already adept at capturing the essence of Cornwall in unique and often before-unseen ways, as Liam looks to diversify his portfolio, we can’t wait to see the photographs he comes home with.


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