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Seamlessly blending rural charm with contemporary chic, this family-owned, 16th-century boutique dining pub offers a taste of some of Cornwall’s finest produce, skilfully combined and cooked to perfection. Words by Jamie Crocker.

The Plume of Feathers in Mitchell exudes warmth and charm, the restaurant boasting exposed oak beams whilst the cosy pub offers an ideal spot to relax by the fire or unwind with a pint at the bar. Adjacent to the pub is a bright conservatory, overlooking the historic village. In the warmer seasons, their gardens, adorned with tropical plants, provide a delightful setting for al-fresco dining. 

In conversation with Head Chef Andrew Dudley, he offers an insight into the influences that shape the dining experience at the Plume of Feathers. It is obvious that being based in Cornwall affords access to a bounty of exceptional ingredients right on the doorstep. 

The menu crafted for The Plume pays homage to these local treasures, celebrating the region’s rich culinary offerings and showcasing the vibrant flavours and freshness that define Cornwall’s culinary landscape. Each dish is a tribute to the remarkable ingredients sourced from the coastal waters, fertile fields and artisan producers, ensuring a dining experience that truly captures the essence of Cornwall’s gastronomic heritage.

Andrew says that the pub is already renowned for its exceptional dining experience, and that he was determined to elevate it even further. The focus is therefore on provenance and balance, both of which are paramount when showcasing outstanding local ingredients. As a consequence, he strives to achieve a harmonious blend of flavours from both land and sea. This ongoing commitment ensures that every dish highlights the best of Cornwall’s culinary offerings while pushing the boundaries of excellence. 

He collaborates closely with suppliers who provide the finest seasonal offerings from Cornwall, ensuring an ever-evolving menu that mirrors the natural rhythms of the seasons. At the heart of his cuisine are classic, traditional  dishes elevated to restaurant-quality. From hake and pancetta to venison scotch eggs, each dish bears Andrew’s distinctive touch, infused with imaginative twists that showcase his culinary flair.

Andrew’s cooking journey goes back to his formative years in his family’s farm kitchen, where Saturdays were devoted to learning the art of wholesome home cooking from his grandmother. Growing up in Llandeilo, he discovered his passion for experimenting with food and fresh flavours under his grandmother’s guidance, whom he still considers the finest cook he has ever known.

This deep-rooted connection to food ignited his lifelong devotion to cooking, propelling him from his grandmother’s kitchen to the realm of artisan cuisine and international exploration. To embark on his culinary career, Andrew ventured across the English Channel to Les Sorbets Culinary School on the island of Noirmoitier in the Vendée, France, where he trained with the best of the best. His experiences there, including his tenure at the Hotel de France in Mortagne-sur-Sèvre, allowed him to refine his skills before making his mark in London.

His London journey commenced at Wheeler’s of St James, a prestigious establishment renowned as the ‘world’s oldest and finest fish brand’. This pivotal chapter provided Andrew with invaluable experiences and expertise, shaping his culinary prowess and setting the stage for his illustrious career in the culinary world. The Plume is lucky to have him onboard!

The primary goal at the Plume is to ensure customer relaxation and enjoyment from the moment you step through the doors, even before you indulge in their delectable cuisine. Led by general manager, Domi, the dedicated team is committed to curating the most delightful experiences for guests and casual visitors alike. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful meal or a restful stay, someone is always on hand to ensure your visit is nothing short of splendid.

Indulge in their carefully curated selection of local ales and artisanal gins sourced from the region, offering something to suit every palate. Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply looking to unwind with a refreshing beverage, they’ll have the perfect drink waiting for you.

Situated inland, The Plume offers a tranquil escape from the bustling tourist scene of summer, distinguishing itself as a serene haven for exceptional dining experiences. They take great pride in supporting many local suppliers, each contributing to the extraordinary flavours that define their menu. Worth mentioning are Brian Etherington for supplying their quality meats, Matthew Stephens for the freshest catches from the sea, Rodda’s for their indulgent clotted cream (a must-try with the Moules dish) and Sue Proudfoot in Trelawny for the divine Cornish Smuggler cheese, an essential ingredient for crafting the world’s finest cheese toastie.

At The Plume, they celebrate Cornwall’s culinary heritage by partnering with these esteemed suppliers, ensuring that every dish incorporates the essence of the region’s finest ingredients and craftsmanship. Join them to savour the taste of Cornwall, elevated by the dedication and passion of their local partners. The Plume is currently a contender for the title of Best Destination Pub in the Muddy Stiletto Awards 2024—an accolade of high esteem. However, the most significant recognition comes from loyal diners, who consistently return to enjoy what’s on offer time and again. Their ongoing support is truly invaluable.

If you’re looking for that special break or dining experience the Plume of Feathers is for you, whether it’s for a long weekend’s stay with the family or a night’s romantic escape – you certainly won’t be disappointed. You can also bring along your four-legged companions and discover their dog-friendly accommodation. Regardless of the weather outside, rest assured you’ll be able to unwind in Egyptian cotton sheets or indulge in a relaxing soak in a free-standing bath. Located at an equal distance from the surf beaches of the north coast and the sandy coves of the south, this historic venue boasts a central location that is easily reachable from all corners of Cornwall. Step outside and explore the picturesque countryside, immerse yourself in the local culture, or embrace the saltwater lifestyle – whatever your preference, there’s an abundance of activities to suit everyone’s interests.

Browse a selection of 20 comfortable and stylish rooms equipped with modern amenities and ensuite bathrooms, each one named after its original purpose within the historic building, paying homage to its heritage. Choose from charming names like the Hen House, Stable, or Tack Room, adding a unique touch to your stay.


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