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Celebrating sweetness

From show-stopping celebration cakes to delectable high teas, Ladyvale Bakery is a place in which to indulge your sweet tooth and discover just how good cake can really be. Words by Rosie Cattrell.

Ladyvale Bakery emerged from a decade-long journey that began with the inception of Woods Cafe. Lara Spurrell and her team dedicated those years to honing their craft, experimenting with recipes and expanding their expertise in the art of baking. Their focus gradually shifted towards creating bespoke celebration and wedding cakes, a venture that quickly outgrew the confines of their little cafe kitchen. 

With aspirations soaring higher, they embarked on a quest for a new home for their bakery, and Nansledan would prove to be the ideal setting to help realise their vision. Today, Ladyvale Bakery prides itself on crafting cakes that marry the elegance of French patisserie with the familiarity of traditional British baking. Their creations are not just visually stunning but also tantalise the taste buds with classic flavours infused with a modern twist.

Visitors to the bakery are greeted with a delectable array of treats that reflect the team’s creativity and passion. From indulgent brownies crowned with fresh raspberry cheesecake to multi-layered lemon meringue pie cakes adorned with torched meringue, there’s something to delight every palate. For those craving savoury delights, the bakery offers tempting bagels and croque monsieur. 

Ladyvale’s high teas are a testament to their commitment to freshness and quality, and make for a perfect way to celebrate the little things in life. With everything prepared on the day, guests are treated to an exquisite spread of cheese scones, open sandwiches, and patisserie-style bakes. Sweet temptations abound, from delicate macarons to miniature pavlovas filled with luscious curd. A glass of prosecco will really make it an occasion in the sweetest setting that is Ladyvale Bakery. 

Behind the magic of flavour combinations and baking prowess stands a team of talented women who revel in the joy of recipe creation and experimentation. Lara, as the visionary leader, infuses fresh ideas and innovation into their offerings, ensuring a constant stream of delightful surprises for their patrons. 

Among their most cherished projects are the bespoke wedding cakes, where they collaborate closely with couples to bring their dreams to life. With an abundance of homegrown edible flowers, Ladyvale creates stunning floral arrangements that adorn their delectable creations, adding a touch of natural beauty to joyous celebrations.

Alongside show-stopping wedding cakes, also on offer are some fantastic celebration cakes adorned with hand-painted watercolours and perfect piping, each available in a range of flavours from salted caramel and toasted pecans to blueberry and white chocolate. Alternatively, you can order a themed cake for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion and choose from a range of designs. If you are after something simpler, order a classic or floral celebration cake decorated in Ladyvale’s signature style with handmade macarons, gold touches and homegrown edible flowers. The team will even design beautifully crafted vintage piped heart cakes!

As they reflect on their journey, the Ladyvale team takes pride in their resilience and growth, particularly during challenging times for the hospitality industry. 

While they continue to evolve and expand, they are savouring the present success and laying the groundwork for exciting future endeavours.


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