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Words by Andy Forster

Dive Project Cornwall’s first year was a resounding success, introducing young people from around the UK to the incredible marine environment and instilling in them a desire to cherish and champion its vitality for generations to come. It’s a chance that they never would have had without the work of our team and our sponsors, and we’re delighted to have nurtured the 2022/23 class of Ocean Influencers to go out into the world and enact the positive change that our oceans, and the life support systems they provide, so badly need.

A key question to sustaining and protecting the natural environment for the future, is how to get a new generation to love and protect the ocean. Our answer is simple: turn them into divers! Having so far helped to create 83 Ocean Influencers, engaging 358 schools in our education programme, and therefore educating over 500,000 young people on the importance of the ocean, I am enormously proud of our achievements so far. However, our work has only just begun. Now, as another year approaches, we are looking for more schools to take part in Dive Project Cornwall in 2024.

So, to any school that wants to provide a life-changing opportunity for its students, to enhance their mental health and wellbeing, and teach them vital life-skills – all over the course of a week-long camp learning to Scuba dive in Cornwall – I encourage you to get in touch. We are also looking for sponsors for Dive Project Cornwall 2024. The successes we’ve enjoyed in 2022/23 simply wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our incredible supporters and sponsors, so as we head into our second year, I would ask anybody that wants to get involved and help make a difference to get in touch.

Andy Forster is the founder of Dive Project Cornwall, a Community Interest Company working to educate young people from around the UK on the importance of our oceans, and providing them the chance to learn to Scuba dive in Cornwall.


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