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Word by Joseph Sabien

There is no last word from the sea. Indeed, as Keats famously wrote “it keeps eternal whisperings around desolate shores.” An endless, perpetual cycle of truly sustainable power which “has moods to fill the storehouse of the mind”, remarks Hilaire Beloc in The Cruise of the Nona.

And there it is, perhaps. The power of the sea is in its ability to mirror what it is to be human in an unconditional gesture, beyond words, and with all the understanding us humans need. Far away from the complications of conversation, the insecurity and fragility of the human condition, the sea simply and effortlessly communicates that we are ultimately connected to this earth.

If we are intentional and use time wisely, used as a reflective tool, the sea allows us to slow down and to align ourselves with the ebb and flow of life without the weight of the world, including the expectations and obligations that can overwhelm us.

It is this very power Sea Sanctuary has uniquely harnessed for the last 13 years and we have shown the traditional medical model is often antiquated and unsuitable. As pioneers of the Blue Health movement, we have achieved remarkable results and many people remain alive today as a result of our help. This is a testimony to the courage and determination of our clients to flourish and self-actualise.

Over the last 13 years, Sea Sanctuary has supported thousands of people back to health and helped them develop a sense of meaning, to challenge unhelpful patterns of behaviour and to better understand their place in the world. Whilst much can be attributed to the sea – our platform – Sea Sanctuary’s success has also been due to our brilliant team; a group of people imbued with compassion, empathy, and a sense of humanity.

Finally, what have we learnt? Engage with nature with passion, trust in the process, make time for yourself (it isn’t selfish), be intentional with improving your mental health and trust your feelings.

On behalf of Sea Sanctuary, we wish you well and please, be kind to yourself.

Despite best endeavours and the generosity of the public, followers and clients, Cornwall’s largest non-statutory provider of mental health care in Cornwall, Sea Sanctuary, was unsuccessful in raising the required amount to remain open. As a result, the charity sadly closed in January 2023.


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