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Exceeding aspirations

Words by Dan Warden

Taking the humble kitchen and transforming it into the focal point of a luxury lifestyle at home.

As homeowners, generally speaking, we all have a vision. Before we’ve even secured the keys for our new home, we have an often-vivid picture in our mind’s eye of how we plan to use the spaces available, and of how we intend to change or update the interior décor. Sometimes, this can go as far as which walls and features we intend to strip out entirely in order to create a space that’s tailored to the lifestyle we intend to lead. The same can be said for those of us who have inhabited the same four walls for years. What worked ten years ago – or even pre-Covid – is, in many cases, no longer to our taste. In some cases, certain spaces no longer serve the function we once envisaged them doing so. A classic example of this is the kitchen, which is surely at the heart of every home.

But it’s all too easy to imagine what we want this fundamental space to do; it takes experience, knowledge and, often, a professional eye to develop the ‘negative’ you have in your imagination, into a physical reality. In short, it pays to enlist the help of experts, particularly when it comes to kitchen design, as they will be able to dive into how you currently – and intend to – use your kitchen, pointing you in the direction of the correct configuration to suit your lifestyle. This is what Bradshaw Luxury does best.

“Our focus is providing the very best knowledge and support to our clients,” says Business Development Director, Lee Dauny. “We aim to be the first port of call for anyone looking for a kitchen – indoor or outdoor – in the south west, and our ultimate goal is to make luxury living a reality, not an aspiration.”

Lee touches on an important point here. Outdoor kitchens are becoming an increasingly popular means of achieving the lifestyle that several lockdowns left us yearning for, that is, the kind that allows us to gather comfortably with our nearest and dearest whilst immersing ourselves in the natural beauty of the outdoors. Gone are the days of a simple, often slightly rusted gas barbeque sitting under cover for nine or ten months of the year (although, as a barbeque enthusiast myself, I hold that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!). What I mean, is that approaches to outdoor cooking and what we want to achieve from it have significantly evolved. This, in combination with developments in the technology and equipment now available for outdoor cooking, have led us to a point where it’s no longer unreasonable to aspire to the same quality of build and flexibility outdoors, as we have come to expect inside. Although, as we’ve already learned, Bradshaw Luxury is about more than mere aspirations…

The company has been importing and distributing luxury domestic appliances for more than 25 years. “We pride ourselves on the knowledge that we look after some of the world’s best brands here in the UK,” says Lee. And what do all these brands have in common? They each provide a specialist approach to manufacturing the finest kitchen appliances, from refrigerators and ovens, to wood-fired pizza ovens, charcoal grills and everything in between. Simply put, says Lee: “We specialise in the world of kitchens, inside and out.”

So, what about the brands? “Gaggenau are a favourite of ours,” says Lee. “Their pared-back, gimmick-free approach to design combines with supreme functionality to create appliances that are precision engineered to always work at peak performance.”

Kalamazoo is another, setting out to fundamentally change not just grilling, but the entire outdoor cooking experience. The brand has evolved its flagship Dual-Fuel grill into an even more formidable Hybrid Fire Grill – the most high-performance gas grill in the world, allowing you to cook with any combination of gas, wood and charcoal. Then there’s Sub Zero & Wolf, representing superb standards and performance, where form and function are key, allowing you to tailor your luxury kitchen configuration to match your very wish. Their innovative designs blend seamlessly into your kitchen, becoming the centre point of your chosen design.” Alternatively, they can ‘disappear’ into your décor, especially handy if you choose custom cabinetry and hardware.

Added to all of these is Lynx, a company whose talented designers apply only the best materials and highest standards to deliver an outdoor kitchen collection that represents everything the home gourmand dreams of. For outdoor kitchen cabinetry, Urban Bonfire leave no stone unturned in the hunt for an outdoor kitchen cabinet that performs on every level. “Imagine an outdoor kitchen where no expense is spared,” says Lee. “Welcome to Urban Bonfire. They genuinely create outdoor kitchen cabinetry that’s as beautiful as you’d expect to find indoors!”

So how, exactly, does the kitchen tie into the luxury lifestyle that homeowners in Cornwall aspire to? “I think the most exciting growth we’ve seen as a company, is in the outdoor kitchen market, and how more people are enjoying the outdoor lifestyle here,” says Lee. In actual fact, Bradshaw Luxury have seen a 400% rise in outdoor kitchen sales in the last 12 months alone, and as Lee puts it, “it’s looking like a trend that will only increase with a warm summer on the horizon.”

Carolyn Bullivant, Director of Bradshaw Luxury, adds: “Leaving memories of charred sausages and smoky barbeques far behind, cooking outdoors has been elevated to new heights, and the outdoor kitchen trend is revolutionising how we view al fresco entertaining here in the UK.”

This is an interesting thread to pull on; despite the world-beating wealth of seafood, meat and produce available right on our doorstep in Cornwall, it’s nevertheless fair to say that we Brits have been tarnished with a reputation for native cuisine that pales in comparison to the rest of the world. Having said that, especially nowadays with both TV and social media inspiring budding chefs to be more experimental than ever, a well-considered kitchen – indoors or out – has become a much higher priority for homeowners in the UK who hope to build knowledge and culinary confidence. “The truth is,” says Carolyn, “we Brits are all brimming to let the hidden chef in us out. All the brands we work with have cooking first and foremost on their agenda, and we work with clients who share this priority.”

Working with prestigious commercial clients that include Legacy Properties at Carbis Bay, as well as countless private homeowners who are looking to achieve the ultimate in versatility, functionality, quality and, of course, beauty of a luxury kitchen, Bradshaw Luxury have brought countless projects to life, demonstrating an elite level of expertise and professionalism when it comes to turning aspirations into reality.


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