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Natural light

Words by Hannah Tapping

Clare James is a 28-year-old photographer with a self-confessed addiction to the ocean.

Clare James, image by Chris Hall

Clare made the move to Cornwall in 2009 to study Geography at Falmouth University, which opened her eyes to an amazing array of inspiring, science-based ideas and projects. However, Clare found that they often never reached the public eye. She was determined to use photography as a way to throw more light on these ideas, particularly those related to environmental and ocean-related issues.

Clare first started shooting underwater whilst working as a dive instructor in Mexico: “I was documenting the coral reef we were monitoring and taking photos of the guests underwater. I was captivated by how the light plays underwater and I am still fascinated every day I get in the ocean to shoot. I soon became addicted and took the camera back onto dry land.”

However, shooting in-water is still something which Clare tries to do as much as possible. Based in Newquay, she works with an array of clients shooting surfing, wild swimming and any other sports or products that can be filmed or photographed in water. She continues to use her photography to raise awareness of ethical and sustainable businesses and has recently completed a shoot in Iceland for Helston-based dive business, Fourth Element (here).

Watergate Bay

Left: Dry Bag | Right: Fisherman in El Salvador

Night Skies at Kynance Cove

Mossel Bay, Africa

Left: Transkei, Africa | Right: Porthcurno


Cornish Pinks

For prints of her work, contact Clare by email or on Instagram.


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