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Simplicity of style

Head Chef Charlotte Vincent brings her unique take on modern British dishes, which are influenced by Scandinavian and French cuisines, to the tables of Restaurant Meudon.

Words by Hannah Tapping


Crispy Oysters with Seaweed Mayonnaise and Beef Tartare

Serves 4


For the oysters:

Oysters (native)

500g plain flour

30g baking powder

500ml soda water

500ml ale or beer

1ltr sunflower oil

For the mayonnaise:

Good quality mayonnaise

Seaweed salad (dried)

Dijon mustard

Cornish rock salt

1 lemon

For the beef tartare:

300g beef fillet (really fresh)

1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon of Tabasco

Salt and pepper

20g chopped chives

1 shallot

1 dessert spoon soy sauce

1 dessert spoon sesame oil


Gently steam the oysters. Pop them open and reserve them in the deepest part of the shell. Combine all the dry goods in a bowl and then mix in the wet ingredients, whisking well. Season and allow to sit for an hour. Roll the oysters in some reserved flour and set aside. Mix the mayonnaise with the blended seaweed, mustard, rock salt and lemon and stick blend. Once the batter has rested, dip each oyster in the beer batter and gently fry. Drain on a cloth and place in the shell, top with a good dollop of seaweed mustard. For the beef tartare, finely chop the shallot and then cut the beef very small. Mix the mustard with the chives, soy sauce and sesame oil and then add seasoning to taste. Combine the beef, shallots and mustard dressing and serve alongside or under the oyster shell.


Scallops, Apples and Buttermilk

Serves 2


6 Cornish scallops in shell or out of shell (king)

300g buttermilk

Juice of 1 lime

2 Granny Smith apples, peeled and sliced to the desired size

2 cucumbers

Micro herbs

Dashi powder

Flat leaf parsley

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil


Remove the scallops from their shells, clean off the roe and trim before sitting them on a cloth ready for frying. Gently heat the dashi with 150ml of water, cool, heat again with 150ml of white wine, cool one more time, add the buttermilk and set aside for serving. Bring some salted water to the boil in a pan. Have a cloth at the ready. Blanch the flat leaf parsley in the hot water for a minute, remove and drain on the cloth. Once drained, blitz in a blender with the rapeseed oil until smooth and pass through a sieve. Transfer to a bottle to use when plating. Peel the cucumbers, using the peeler to make ribbons and roll each one ready for serving. Do the same with the apple but cut it into desired shapes for serving. Place a non-stick pan on the heat and add lemon juice to the buttermilk mixture, taste (it should be acidic and smooth with salty undertones). Fry the scallops, the biggest side down first until the right colour is reached (golden brown hues). Flip and fry the other side then add 100g of butter and a squeeze of lime to finish.

Assemble on the plate. Season, taste, and season again if required.


Chocolate Mascarpone Parfait

Serves 4


For the parfait:

330g chocolate (good quality)

150g castor sugar

90g egg yolk

290g double cream (UHT)

320g cold double cream

40g gelatine or vegetarian gelling agent

150g mascarpone

1 teaspoon vanilla paste

Silicone moulds of your choice

For the mirror glaze:

330g dark chocolate

150g glucose syrup

150g gelatine

190g nappage

235g condensed milk

80g sugar

190ml water


For the parfait:

First, bloom the gelatine in water. Then make a crème anglaise by gently heating the sugar, cream (UHT) and vanilla paste in a pan. Place the chocolate and bloomed gelatine in a tall jug. When the custard reaches 84°C whisk in the egg yolk, then pass through a sieve to remove any lumps. Pour immediately over the chocolate and stick blend until smooth. Add the mascarpone and blend again. Whip the cold double cream to soft peaks and then fold into the chocolate mixture. Place into the desired moulds and leave to set in the freezer for 8-12 hours.

For the mirror glaze:

Bring the glucose syrup, sugar, and water to the boil, remove from the heat and allow to sit for a while. Bloom the gelatine. In a tall jug, place the chocolate, condensed milk and nappage. Pour over the chocolate and stick blend before adding the gelatine and blending again. When the glaze has cooled to 45°C pour over the frozen dessert and serve.


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